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    URGENT! No Compression after i made a mistake doing timing belt!! please somebody advise me

    If the cam is timed up correctly and you cannot rotate the engine by hand, then I think you have bent valves and will have to remove the cylinder head to confirm, it might be more cost effective to replace engine than repair, depends on your mechanic skills.
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    Tuuuuurbo blue

    I have it on a new shape A1 and have had positive comments when out and about, is easier to find in the carpark in the sea of drab greys, blacks and silvers. Go bright colours for a change!
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    35 TFSi ride comfort

    When I ordered my A1, I test drove a sport on 17's and found it acceptable around town and on dual Carriageways. It depends on what car you have come from and what you're prefence is comfort/ sporty handling. In the end I ordered an s-line with 18's and that's not to bad, with only the...
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    1.5 cod manual

    I have this engine in the new A1, have done around 2.4k miles so far with no kangarooing and gives good performance and economy.
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    a3 convertible

    Don't forget that cabrios don't have a sub with B&O or Audi sound system , so you might want to have listen to both before making decision, I had a 1.4 150ps cab and found it had enough power for most of the time aswell as good economy.
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    2020 S3 servicing costs (from a newbie, hi!)

    Audi are doing service plans at 20% off at the moment.
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    New A1 2019 stuttering/ hesistation solves it self!!

    Your long journey must of cleaned the GPF filter and fully charged the battery, now the car feels much better for it. Modern car don't like short journeys.
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    2019 A1 Strange noise when steering on full lock

    A bit of info. I've had my A1 35TFSI S tronic from new and around 1 month /600 miles a strange noise developed when on full steering lock moving at low speed, forward or reverse. To me it sounded like the noise a hydraulic power steering pump makes when on full lock along with the sound a...
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    display c.o.d

    Don't think this feature on the display exists on the latest A1, as there is no mention of it in the owners handbook and I haven't found it on mine.
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    2019 A1 Vcds tweaks

    As per title, any tweaks possible on the current A1. Scott.
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    fuse box

    It shows the fuse boxes locations in the owners handbook.
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    Audi A1 Ambient Lighting

    The S line does have footwell lights, but they only come on with the doors open.
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    Audi A1 Ambient Lighting

    I think Audi deleted it on all models for 2020 model year accept the Vorsprung model. Will probably be expensive to retro fit as you will need new trim panels on doors and around digital dash containing the LEDS, plus coding on MMI.
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    Approved used?

    My dealer says they give all there approved used an oil service if it needs it or not.
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    No 1.0 TSi DSG Auto?

    For 2020My A1's , you can only have 1.5 35TFSI as S tronic, no manual. If you want manual, it's 1 litre only.