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    Audi A8 D3 reverse lights and rear fog lights inverted

    The ULO ones are fine. I think some of the light units was build Friday afternoon and they wired them up wrong way round.
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    Diagnostics for Audi A8 D3 3.0TDI

    I use both VCDS and ODB11. ODB11 works great for basic fault scanning and clearing. VCDS will do all the deeper scans, output tests, message blocks and Coding.
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    Audi A8 D3 reverse lights and rear fog lights inverted

    Hi NemBo, This is the exact same thing as I had happen and I went through everything. VCDS and Cables etc. My light was a new from Audi. I did what NHN suggested and it did work but I would get a bulb out warning. What I did, in the end, was swap the bulbs over from inside the lights...
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    ASN's Pub

    "Let's go to the ASN Pub, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over."
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    ASN's Pub

    2 years on and random hello post from me. Hi ya!!
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    For Sale 2006 Audi S8

    Hi, Still for sale. Drop me a pm and I'll send you the contact details.
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    For Sale 2006 Audi S8

    Morning All, We made a slight mistake with the advert, we forgot to mention that the car comes with 2x keys and has soft close doors and which are all working. The lower plastic guard is missing and front left wheel arch liner is slightly worn at the bottom. Due to this we've rethought the...
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    For Sale 2006 Audi S8

    Good question, well asked. £10,000 ono
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    For Sale 2006 Audi S8

    Hello all, Just helping a friend sell his S8, below is his advert and images. If you need any information or anything about this car, please drop me a PM. Hi there To try cater for everyone I will tell you a little about the reasons for the purchase and sale, work done on the car, tests and...
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    Chassis Pics

    D2, D3 or D4? The rails between the S8 and A8 is the same.
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    Attendee list Gti International 2nd/3rd June 2018

    1. Administrators 2. Mikesel 3. Audispy 4. Jay A3 5. Chez 6. ScottD3 Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
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    2.0 or 3.0 TDI, Auto or Manual?

    The 2.0TDI has had several terminal issues with oil pick up pump shaft and a couple of other issues. I'd personally stay away from that engine. I've got the 3.0TDI (ASB) in my A8 and I love it, even at 186k. I don't think it's that expensive to run, the engine has been faultless really. The...
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    Finally fitted the RNS-D ...

    Follow the factory wiring sticker on top and you shouldn't have any issues. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
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    ASN's Pub

    Shut up Chez. You're disturbing the silence and the corner drunk!!
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    A4 B5 Avant Electric Rear Window Retrofit.

    Hi Gezim, I honestly can't remember much. I just wired the cables up to the cables/plugs behind the kick panels I have an A8. Out of my way peasants!!