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    Warranty (aftermarket) on your RS4

    I agree. I think I was quoted £1200 from Audi on a £32000 RS4. Plus in the small print of the schedule they still had a wear and tear clause. This was a big suprise considering the premium cost. I've been caught out by that clause on a Cosworth many years ago.
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    Warranty (aftermarket) on your RS4

    thanks for the reply. I thought there were some good trusted warranty companies to use. I'm aware of the cheap ones that 2nd hand dealers push but thought that ones that you pay a bit more through the nose for, but a touch less than Audi charge, were recommended.
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    Warranty (aftermarket) on your RS4

    For many years I've been dreaming of owning an RS4 and the time has arrived where this is now well within budget. With Nogaro editions now appearing on budget too the draw is strong . However ad a DIY mechanic at most times the complexity of the RS4 scares me into wanting a good warranty...
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    Is B8 RS4 MPG as bad as I think

    Thanks for your replies guys. Not quite as bad as I thought then.
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    Is B8 RS4 MPG as bad as I think

    Hi all, I've fancied a B8.5 RS4 for some time but the 'cc' and 'mpg' have always been a concern as a daily. I'm now in the position to spend £30K so that puts the RS4 into contention. Is the MPG really as bad as I would expect for such a large capacity car. How does it compare to an S4 B8 which...
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    Remapped 1.8TFSI (120) still doesn't feel that quick

    That Stage 1 would just be flashing the OEM 160 or 170ps tune on.
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    Remapped 1.8TFSI (120) still doesn't feel that quick

    If you look on Superchips website the 120ps (with stop/start) plot is from my old car about 3 years ago. I've probably got some boost logs somewhere as I also did a bit of road logging for them. That's if you want to know what boost it was running to achieve those figures...
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    Springs install with damper control

    The shocks have motors/valves in the base of the shock which need disconnecting. No other additional pipes or complexity is used on this design.
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    Sepang S5 @ Maidstone (Beware)

    Just a warning for anyone looking for an S5. I popped in to Maidstone Audi today to see if a Sepang S5 would tickle my fancy over an Sepang S4 I had just viewed. No plan to purchase the S5 due to the low spec but just a visual to confirm I preferred the look. Anyhow's, I noticed a paint run on...
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    Phill's New S4 Black Edition Saloon in Sepang Blue - Collected!!!!

    Hi Phil, Just sent you a message as I think I have been looking at your previous S4 as a replacement for my Focus RS (I need more comfort/quality)
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    B8.5 CREC Tuning and Lowering (with Damper Control)

    Hi Chaps and Chapet's, I may be returning to the Audi brand after a couple of years away and I'm considering a S4/S5 B8.5 if the right Saloon/Avant or Sportback spec'd car turns up. Looked at a very clean example earlier in the week, so it's there for the taking if I decide that's the way I...
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Very nice. What rear diffuser is that and are you on spacers with those wheels ?
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    BH's Sepang Blue B8.5 Audi S4 Black Edition Saloon

    I have not seen it pop up. I've been searching and no Sepang S4 to your spec has appeared. A few rough ones and low spec ones. But Sepang is rare on Audi Used Approved site.
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    BH's Mystery Blue Mk3 SEAT Leon Cupra 300 5 Door

    Good to see you settling with the Cupra. I would be interested to read your views coming from the S4 prestige semi-super saloon to the hot hatch. I've always liked SEAT and the Cupra tune quite well even with a simple Superchip Bluefin Stage 2. I'm considering jumping in a Cupra again or...
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    BH's Sepang Blue B8.5 Audi S4 Black Edition Saloon

    I would of loved to jump on your S4 back in Feb. But I'm persevering with this at the moment.