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    Superchip Bluefin Tune or Kraftwerk Performance Tune on MY11 S3

    I have a bluefin for sale if anyone is interested
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    Stage 2+ S3 England to Spain am I mad?

    Yeah I'm not really concerned about relyabity (touch wood) more if I will want to tear my hair out had way into the trip lol.
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    S3 2 door or 4 door?

    This is ref S3s not A3's though. They both hold their money well, the sportback more so. I bought my 2010 dsg sportback with 45k miles for 18700 2 years ago from a dealer. They are still fetching that at dealers. Personally I'd highly recommend the 5 door and although I'm biased they look...
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    Stage 2+ S3 England to Spain am I mad?

    Planning the holiday for next year and really fancy taking the car and turning it into a road trip. Has anyone done this in a stage 2+ S3? If so would you recommend it? It's 1380 miles door to door and looking around on the net I should budget approx 700 for tolls and fuel, which would be...
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    S3 2 door or 4 door?

    Sportback for sure. And who ever thinks the 3 doors fetch the same money as 5s wants their head checking. There's about 4k difference ffs!
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    Bluefin remap

    I'm in the process of moving away from bluefin as I am going stage 2+ drop me a line if you are interested in buying mine.
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    Just lowering the front? S3 sportback

    I'd be going for H&R springs if I were you. That's what I did on my sportback, changing just the fronts is madness imo
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    Best S3 on here imo. Great work
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    Got phone call for my s3 from garage not good news

    Who's map have you got on the car?
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    CC tuning?

    Anyone heard of this company or have any experiences? I have been offered a stage 2+ remap for a frankly ridiculous price with a picture of a rolling road print out of 368 bhp from a car with the same mods as mine. Revo intake, miltek turbo back exhaust and hpfp. I spoke to the mapper who...
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    S3 or A5 ?

    S3 all day long, especially the sportback. The A5 will be worth next to nothing in a few years. Sportback S3 will always command a premium and will be half decent to drive.
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    Bodywork opinion, stripes......and splitter.

    That looks absolutely hilarious, someone has ruined a nice car there. Get it put back to standard with wheels and a drop and will look sound.
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    Risk it for a chocolate biscuit or will it be crap ???

    This is very interesting... I could sell my standard item for more than that.
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    Opinions required Turinis S3

    Just put some on my sportback, look the ********. If anyone has any speedline centre caps hit me up.
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    Exclusive s3 buckets or just retrimmed golf bucket's ?!?!?

    Are they for a sportback? Also you looking for standard in px or straight cash sale?