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    2008 A3 front speaker replacement

    I recommend changing the tweeters too.
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    2008 A3 front speaker replacement

    Depending on the speakers you've bought, some will have one that runs both the woofer and tweeter, some will have 2 separate crossovers and some will have only a crossover for the tweeter. Regardless of which, you will need them. Off the top of my head, the factory input comes into the woofer...
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    Replace Suspension

    I have Eibach Pro-Kit springs and OE dampers. Need to change dampers at some point, would also like to hear from people with aftermarket dampers to see what they think. Failing that, it'll have to be OE equivalent dampers for me. Mines a TDI and OE springs were awful. Crashy and bouncy, weird...
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    Electric Folding Mirrors via Key

    This would be a sexy mod though...
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    Any good Android Head unit?

    bang for buck you can't touch them...but personally can't help but feel like they look very obviously cheap and tacky and although packed with features there's no such thing as a free lunch - DAB issues, crashing, general poor performance, the fact they usually don't fit in a standard sized cage...
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    Help me solve this technical mystery - PLEASE

    I've done the same thing with my car. It's easy to put off - don't wanna be without a car, the headache inconvenience etc etc it's easy done...but get it checked sooner rather than later as bills tend to go up not down lol.
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    XTRONS Head Unit

    At our place we remove more of these than we fit and replace them usually with Pioneer or Kenwood units. I haven't had one in my car for more than a few days so can't answer directly. What I can tell you is that the drop in sound quality even using radio was really and obviously apparent. BUT...
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    Help me solve this technical mystery - PLEASE

    2/3 labour to remove the box should cost no more than £150. That's where I'd start, and looking at the mileage, I'd replace dual mass flywheel and clutch kit when rebuilding as it'll save you the labour in the future - assuming you'll be keeping the car.
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    Apple Carplay Head unit for A3 8P 57plate

    Have you used the correct fitting solution for your car? The head unit has 8 wires as it is designed to run 4 speakers directly. However, depending on which audio system you have from factory, you will have a partially or fully amplified system that you'll need to integrate into with the...
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    Apple Carplay Head unit for A3 8P 57plate

    MFSW is supported, as long as you buy the correct fitting solution for your car. I don't think there is a way to replicate the parking sensor display on screen. You can buy some fitting solutions from the head unit manufacturer which does replicate, but they're few and far between off the top...
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    Wingback seats

    What you asking for the wing backs? Deffo get more removing them and selling separately...
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    Apple Carplay Head unit for A3 8P 57plate

    My recommendation would be the unit in my car - Prefer them over Pioneer, took a SPH-DA230 out to put that in. Android Auto stipulates minimum screen size, hence why some units will do CarPlay but not android auto. Hope...
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    Audi numbers 35-40

    It's stupid as beep beep but off the top of my head 30 means 1.6 engines, 40 are 2.0L and 50 are the 3.0L. There are also differences between petrol and diesel.
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    rear camber adjustment no longer possible

    I'm certainly no mechanic but if your camber adjustment is maxed out in either direction I'd hazard a guess at something else being bent or damaged.
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    Audi A3 2.0 TDI jerky gear change

    If the car is manual then it will have some sort of clutch bypass which would fool the car into thinking the clutch was depressed upon remote engine start. If your guy has removed this then that is most likely where the fault will be, especially since you say the cruise control isn't working...