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    Sandip's Silver TQS

    Already on the look out mate ha ha
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    Flat spot and no whoosh sound

    update for everyone @OMR Went to see OMR and this car is mind blowing! BAM 1.8T BBT Hybrid k418T Chinafold (JBS copy) hopefully ported 3" TIP/ JR Filter Wellycooler 3" downpipe , decat, milltek Devils Own watermeth Full Koni STR.T suspension Adjustable tie arms LCR front calipers. 2 piece...
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    New owner.

    The green one is my dads, I'm still local, work in Bolton but live in Wigan, PM if you want, don't mind popping over for a chat! Work very close to Morris Green
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    New owner.

    @OMR where abouts in Bolton are you mate? My parents leave in Heaton, sounds like you've got a bit of a beast ;)
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    Tuning 1.8tsq

    You can use the Golf AGU me3.8 ecu, immo delete it. Plug and play. Flashable so you don't need to open the ecu up and do a chip change. The me7.5 ecu is more tunable but the above is the easiest/quickest for a quick stage 1 tune. me7.5 would require a loom change
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    Sandip's Silver TQS

    Hi Everyone, not posted on here for a while, not a big post anyway. Thought i'd share where i am with my Silver B5 TQS. Members a more familiars with me from when i had my 8L S3 with the 3.2 v6 conversion, sold that on a while ago now (it's getting pampered) and moved onto my favorite...
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    Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

    …...then sell it to me lol Done a lot of work mate, need to get out and take some photos soon
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    Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

    The whirring noise will more than likely be the AC pulley bearing, if you get a stethoscope on it you'll know straight away :)
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    Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

    Hi mate, it was me :thumbs up: Sandip Tailor, feel free to add me, next time you're free give me a shout
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    A4 B5 Pics thread.

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    Wanted Audi A4 B5, 2.8 OR TQS

    As above, if anyone has a B5 2.8 Quattro or TQS they are planning on selling send me a PM.
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    Sold S3 8L 3.2 V6

    Can moderators mark this as SOLD, and close the thread, thanks
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    S3 8l running very rich intermittently - hitting a dead end please help!

    @superkarl is selling a EGT sensor in classified section
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    Sold S3 8L 3.2 V6

    After a lot of thinking I have decided I will be keeping the car. Reading many comments of people regretting selling their 8L has made me realise my car is worth keeping and I will sort all the minor faults out and make a few more changes on the way.