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    Who has a toucan yellow A3

    Nice. And reviving a 13 year old post!
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    S3 KWE - my build thread (it will be slow progress...)

    After 5 years of ownership, mods, pampering yet only 7,000 miles of driving I’ve sold the S3. It’s time to move on to something more convenient for carrying the family and a car I don’t mind driving or putting miles on (the S3 was a garage queen that was just looked after). I’m staying in the...
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    Are quattros really this much slower? CR170 feels slower than my CR140 fwd? Both mapped

    No Quattros are not that much slower, a little heavier in the back but not slower, especially when comparing 170 to 220 bhp. Can you run a diagnostic check to see if there is any codes, this may also give a haldex error if it picks it up. was it slow before the remap?
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    2.0 TFSI DSG boost/power problems.

    When was it mapped? Who mapped it? Was the car behaving like this before the map? Have you ran diagnostics and have any codes (what are the codes)?
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    Electric windows / mirrors not working - but locks/unlocks

    Between the drivers door and the door jamb, the loom passes into the car body. Pull the rubber cover back and check that you don’t have any broken wires. It’s common for a wire to break and impact the door locks, windows (any window) or the mirrors.
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    Valved quad exhaust system ? S3 8p

    Yeah possibly - sounds plausible.
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    New to the 8P in need of a push in the right direction please :)

    I had 12mm spacers before changing my alloys - They are a bit too wide too. The most common mix is spacers is 8mm front and 10mm rear. Or it could be the other way round…
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    New to the 8P in need of a push in the right direction please :)

    40mm should be fine. I think H&R springs take the car down 30mm. As for staggered size alloys don’t bother. If you’re going aftermarket rims then ET45 is perfect to fill the guards (18x8, 18x7.5). Any less than ET45 you’ll start getting guard rub issues - especially when loaded up.
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    Stage 2+ remap

    The Airtec is a straight forward fit, radiator and fans out, no cutting like a welly cooler. Airtec is a good choice.
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    Stage 2+ remap

    Loba is very good, that’s what I have too. There has been a bit of noise recently on Facebook about the Loba HPFP but I’ve not had any issues. I’ve deleted Facebook so the noise has stopped!
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    Stage 2+ remap

    Na, the HPFP isn’t required Stg2. The main difference between Stg2 and Stg2+ is the HPFP. You’ll also go for the RS4 FPRV. From Stg2 to 2+ you may get 15-20bhp increase but up to 60ftlb increase, due to the HPFP. IC isn’t mandatory for 2+ but as said above, you’ve spent enough to get to...
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    Rear 356x22mm Disc Upgrade Kit

    356mm on the front. I can’t think of a reason why these would go on the rear.
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    Rear 356x22mm Disc Upgrade Kit

    Stop spamming threads asking for coding - check the VCDS boards and map.
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    Upgraded intercooler

    The Airtec ic comes with replacement hoses.