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    How do you hoover?

    i find my dyson hand held is just not quite up to the job ... i think if you are very thorough about hoovering your car you need to stick to getting that extension lead out!!!
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    Just bought a B6 S4

    Hay Kev welcome to the forum, you'll have to get some pics up :-)
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    Help car just died!

    Fingers crossed.. I feel yr pain! So frustrating!
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    Just bought a S4 it

    Lovely looking and IMO the nicest colour too! I'm sure your loving it!
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    Help car just died!

    Dan we had a b6 s4 re mapped last summer. It's made a huge difference but now I'm so used to it I forget it's done until I drive our b8 s4 which definitely needs to be re mapped & reminds me how quick our b6s4 is! Defiantly the best mod I have done do far :-) Fingers crossed yr cars fixed too!
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    Thoughts - buy back my old cabby ?

    My husband bought back my fav ever car. Whilst it was lovely having it back I think sometimes it's best to keep it as a memory.. It's never the same 2nd time around :-)
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    Debadge S4 rear, or debadge just the 4 or leave alone?

    Good choice.. Your crazy if you remove it!
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    How is your front number plate secured on?

    i have pressed plates but are screwed on and covered with white plastic covers so that you cannot see the screws.
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    Carbiolet roof advice

    yes definatly, my black roof seems to attract white cat hairs and bits of fluff and dust from some where, so i find that the brush is enough to bring it back to how it should be. The hoover too does a great job. My car gets washed once or twice every week as i can't stand it being dirty and i...
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    Carbiolet roof advice

    I can't tell you what you should do but I know what I do!! I've always cleaned my roof with auto glym cleaner and treat straight after. ( when treating you have to mask car & glass up as it's sooo messy) Have to say I'm going to try a differnt cleaner this year as I've not been that impressed...
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    Sky TV Deals???

    The most I could get out of them 2 weeks ago was half price infinity internet for 12 months. £10 off was better than nothing.. Mind you We have phone, internet, entertainment extra , movies , one multi room and hd package our average bill is usually £110 a month :-( we have looked into other...
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    STOLEN AUDI**recovered

    Ah glad you got it bk mate, it sadly seems to be getting more common this way , absolute scum of the earth. Glad it's all worked out ok though and good luck with the CID filings I remember them well on a car I was lucky to have returned !
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    Beard trimmers!

    Looks like u need to invest in the link I posted too! It's a trimmer that I've used in salons for years and as long as you leave them on their charging station you won't have a problem with it dying. Most trimmers you buy in boots etc don't very often last very long it's just how it is! Put...
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    Beard trimmers!

    If it's a beard trimmer yr after not a shaver these are amazing... No I don't have a beard but I'm a hairdresser!! Wella Cordless Contura Trimmer
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    Boot Won't Open Via Fob

    I have a cab and I'm sure it's the same as my old saloon.mine used to intermittently play up touch wood the following works though now!.... I have to use the car unlock button to unlock the car then push and hold the boot button for a couple of seconds then the boot pops open a tad. The only...