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    Multiple fault codes, limp home mode, electrical problem?

    FIXED. I had a fuse add-on type thing for my day running lights and forgot that it hide another fuse in the ECU box. Turns out it was that!
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    Multiple fault codes, limp home mode, electrical problem?

    Hello all, I'm hoping someone is able to help me. I have a 2007 Audi A4 Avant with a BRD engine (2.0tdi 170bhp). A couple of days ago the car went into limp home mode. I got it back home and plugged in my cheap OBD reader, and it came up with the following: P0245 - Turbo waste solenoid "A"...
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    Argg holes in my S4 dash...

    I'd say with some confidence that the bluetooth unit has been removed, giving that message. I'm pretty sure it's housed in steering wheel cowling.
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    Inlet Manifold Flap 2007 2.0tdi 170 special edition part number?

    I have the same engine, mine was A2C53099815 when I had to replace it. It is common for them to have build up around them, I would give it a good clean first before replacing it. Whilst you're there take apart the manifold and EGR and clean that as well. This made a considerable difference to...
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    Black Paint Sealant?

    An S4 b8 is quite the investment. I'd consider having it professionally detailed and finished with a GTechniq coating.
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    Started to Clay the A6 :/

    Haha, great video. If you're pushed for time the Farecla clay mitt is almost as good as regular clay and is so much quicker. You could do the whole car in a half hour.
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    Pressure washer, is the Karcher K2 any good?

    I've had the K2 for a year or so now. I use it regularly on the car, with a foam lance and on heavier cleaning jobs like the driveway, patio, conservatory, etc. Each time it's been brilliant, although I do have very good mains pressure.
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    Detailed yesterday - dirty today :-(

    You've had GTechniq applied to your car and you're even contemplating a car wash? A pressure washer will not remove the coating. You either need to look into buying some basic equipment and learning the methods, or using the same detailer to carry out maintenance washes.
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    Cheap clay bars what there like? is where I get almost everything from. For the G3 mitt go to Halfords.
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    Newbie to Detailing

    Echoing the above really, depends how far you're willing to go with your time and money. Don't get sucked into the expensive stuff, especially when it comes to wax. Spending time on the finish of your paintwork and protecting it with a £15 tub of Natty's wax will look just as good as one ten...
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    My days here are numbered

    Very nice. Enjoy it.
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    nilfisk snow foam lance

    Another CYC foam lance owner here. Superb product. The Autobrite one is slightly different, in that it seems to produce a better 'fan' out of the nozzle, however there seem to be more reports of it failing and having to rebuild it. For fifty notes you can get that and five litres of foam. Bargain.
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    would you use these applicator pads on your pride and joy

    I'd put money on it these are the same as some of the yellow ones that UK companies sell for 5/6 times the price.
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    Wheel sealant - worth it ???

    It's as important as applying a wax or sealant to the paintwork. Be thorough with cleaning the wheels (tar remover, iron decontaminate, claying, polish) then apply two coats of FK 1000p.
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    Aftermarket DRL headlights

    The HID's will be fine. For the LED DRL's, I used an 'add-a-circuit fuse splitter' and ran power from the ECU fuse. Never had any issues and where the ECU stays on for ten seconds after turning off it imitates the 'going away' feature some have.