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    S4 wings

    Stealers tend to give different part numbers to s4 parts even though they are often the same as a4 parts so really does pay to do your research first. An air con pipe for my s4 was quoted at just over 400 but the pipe is the same as on the 3.0 v6 and for the a4 is 280. Daylight robbery, but they...
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    Headlight range control defective

    Not sure if it's the same on the B8 but on my B6 S4 I had the same warning and it was the sensor unit on the front lower arm that had become unclipped from its location and was sitting at the wrong angle causing the car to trigger the error. Clipped it back in place and not had the problem since
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    Door replacement

    The door shell itself is separate from the internals and window frame etc. Once all connectors etc are disconnected, remove the 2 or 3 large torx bolts and the whole window frame etc will lift up and out of the door with the regulator, window and everything as one. So you should then be able to...
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    To strip or not to strip?

    I totally agree. Its too good a car to break for bits in my honest opinion and I love it to bits and have spent a fortune maintaining it over the last 9 years but I need something more economical and can't justify it sitting on the road being used once every couple of months. Dealers will only...
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    To strip or not to strip?

    OK so I'm at the point that the S4 must go soon as poss. New house and job on the horizon so sensible car needed. My question is, do I sell the s4 as is or strip for parts? Could do without the hassle of dismantling and storing bits etc but reckon I could get more selling the parts separately...
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    Can someone with no body experience remove bumper?

    yeah pretty straight forward once you know where all the bolts etc are. Just beware that if your car has the ACC radar fitted and it needs disconnecting, do not turn ignition on with it unplugged or you may need to pay to have it recalibrated and that can be anywhere from 350 to 500 at the...
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    Help needed from fellow b6 owners

    A bit more trawling through the net and I am now wondering if the s4 has 2 fan modules. A guy with a 2005 s4 cab claimed to have the same issue as me, changed the fan module that sits in front of the condenser only to find that the aux fan module is attached to the underside of the n/s chassis...
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    Help needed from fellow b6 owners

    Thanks for your ideas. I've replaced everything so far except the temp sensor and compressor itself. All I want to do is get the ac working again before I put the car up for sale. I'm moving to something newer and cheaper to run after my commitments have changed so would like to sell it on to...
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    Help needed from fellow b6 owners

    Its not stuck in Econ mode. If the G65 is the pressure sensor that goes into the side of the condenser then that was replaced about a year ago whilst trying to sort another issue. I'm thinking now that it may be the coolant temp sensor in the lower rad pipe
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    Help needed from fellow b6 owners

    Thanks. I've already replaced the fan and the module and it still won't kick in. Fuses look OK unless I'm missing one somewhere. Guess the relay will be next to check? Other than that I'm not sure, hopefully not the compressor
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    Help needed from fellow b6 owners

    Good morning all. Could any of you b6 owners do me a favour next time you go to your car? Can you tell me of your auxiliary radiator fan for the air con runs all the time with the ac on. I'm getting conflicting advice as to whether or not it should always be on. Thanks for your help
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    Auxiliary fan issue

    Hope someone can help. The auxiliary radiator fan on my S4 is not spinning resulting in my air con not working. I put 12v straight to the fan and it spins up so I know the fan is good. I tried another fan control module that was tested and working and that made no difference either. Fuse in dash...
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    Drivers side door light half working

    Yep, wiring in rubber boot by door hinges. Common issue, have repaired 2 at work this month already
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    Paint code LY7Q/4A ATLAS GREY

    As above. Auto suppliers will mix it for you and some even put it in aerosol for you too but if going down the aerosol route then being a common colour then halfrauds should have it on the shelf
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    Scratched interior handles - replacement

    Can be done as I stripped mine to recoat them. From memory, the grab handle can be unscrewed from behind. Once that's removed the switch surround can also be removed. Cant recall if it's just clipped in or if there are fixings but it does come off