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    Lower bumper grilles stolen from my B6 A4 Sport, what can I replace them with?

    Would appear so, they don't ship internationally....yet. According to their website.
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    Top only operates when windows are completely open(down)

    You will need a Vcds scan to see what the sensors are or are not doing.
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    I've had a brand new Bosch S4 battery fail within 2 weeks of being on a car. It always showed over 12.5v. It was the cranking amps it was way down on. Was rated at 740, but only producing 350. The test was carried out by the RAC and the battery was swiftly replaced under warranty. NOT all...
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    New purchase b6 avant 2.5v6 Quattro

    I had my exhaust boxes deleted on my 2.5 v6. It sounded great. Wasn't too loud as the pre-cst and cats were still in situ, but the v6 noise along with the turbo burble made it turn heads in the street. A place in Darlington removed the boxes and welded in matching sized stainless pipe. As for...
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    2.5tdi Quattro Avant why two pad sensors

    A lot of cars have sensors on both sides of the front. Probably due to as the car ages, calipers stick and wears one side down more than the other, so more of a precautionary thing at a guess. All my Audis have had a sensor plug on both front sides. Even my 2008 Ford Focus had one on each side.
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    Need to replace stupidly expensive driver-side door mirror.

    It's an anti-dazzle glass. You must have the anti-dazzle rear view mirror in the car, as its connected to that. Or at least it is on the A8 models. We have an S8 with the same style of glass. Again, the price is extortionate for a wing mirror glass, so I replaced it with a tinted blue heated...
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    Help needed gear box non responsive

    Where are you based? There is a usrrs VCDS map, message people local to you and they will help out. Get the subsystems read before removing the gearbox tcu. Does sound like water ingress somewhere. Which gearbox type do you have? IIRC, one was susceptible to coolant leaking onto the gearbox...
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    Help Car go's into limp mode

    +1 on the Mr Muscle turbo clean. Very common fault. My Passat TDI is doing the same. Will get round to doing the turbo when it warms up a bit..
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    2.5 Diesel

    Check the air mass meter. Made a difference on my 2.5 quattro. Cleaning the turbo made a difference also. I did take pics and posted them on a guide on here. Not a difficult job but one that is very worth while doing.
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    Help needed wiring up a tuning box 2.5 tdi 180bhp

    Blacksmoke remap (online) £40. MPPS lead off of eBay £15. Job done.
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    S8 D2 front suspension spacers

    Thanks, I'll have a look at those. Have found out that they're for lining up the strut when it's being bolted in. Cheers. Dan
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    S8 D2 front suspension spacers

    Hi guys, I'm replacing the upper control arms on AN S8 D2. One side has never been off in 19 years, and one side has. The passenger side, which hasn't been off, had 2 little spacers which sit between the top plate and the bodywork. These slide over the studs, 2 out of 5 in total. The...
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    Poor dipped headlight performance

    Here is one example:
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    Poor dipped headlight performance

    Sounds like you have factory xenons. They're self levelling, hence no adjuster switch. When turning on, they should raise and lower before settling at the correct level. Two sensors operate this, three is one on the front, usually nearside, and one on the rear, usually offside. These little...
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    1.9tdi fuel pump

    Can you not hear the lift pump priming? VCDS can cycle the lift pump for 30 seconds a time to help prime the fuel system. But if you can't hear the pump, sounds likely its failed. The tandem pump will work fine without lift pump, if the system remains primed. My 1.9 tdi had a leak on the...