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    2013 Audi S3

    I WANT ONE OF THESE!! Does anyone know whether they are going to do a black optics pack equaivalent? like black front grill??
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    That is...... F*cked up.. My pic & never noticed that!
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    Help identifying fuel pump & Next Engine Mods

    Hi dhyllan, I will have various parts including an APR fuel pump for sale very shortly as well as some AP racing brakes to help your conversion. PM me if interested. Ryan
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    Where ive been & my plans....

    No as i said, the love went & gettin ****** in Cannes every night for two weeks ttok priority. I then came home & still had no love so went to Miami & bahamas for another two weeks, hence nothing happening to the car. read my response to Spin140 ;) yeah ive decided thats what im going to do...
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    Where ive been & my plans....

    Hi Guys, for those who remember me you would know I was very very active here for a couple of years. Unfortunately with every car there comes a time where the love just dwindles, well for me anyway usually around the 3-4 year mark. Anyway, due to this I ended up spending a fortune on holidays...
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    Who wants a RS3 bumper? :) Price is 550 Euros if I can not use it with regular wings

    i dont think you can! i think you need the wider wings! could be wrong though!
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    2013 A3 SB!

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    S3RYE's Build Thread

    There are a couple videos on my friends camcorder! ill have to try and get them off him when i see him. They are fly bys from the pit wall doing anywhere from 90-120mph WOT. They sound pretty cool! That makes me feel better. Tp be fair i was keeping an eye on the oil temp and as soon as it...
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    2013 A3 SB!

    that looks pretty good!
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    S3RYE's Build Thread

    cheers lads! itching to book my next one already! :arco: S. you need to do one now your cars much faster! i cant get over how quick it felt. Next time i will have some extra cooling going on. My oil temp reached like 112 degrees lol!
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    S3RYE's Build Thread

    Went to Brands for club msv track day on tuesday! For my B-Day. One of the best things i've ever done! Anyone who hasn't before do it!! Car was absolutely EPIC! Kept up with everything there, even the caterhams. ****** off many people as they started "not" letting me through (think they got...
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    Made me laugh

    £2.55 to type a new registration plate in? thats expensive if you ask me! :p
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    What I've been upto! LOTS of pics!

    N8 mate, just Wow. Looks so much better i'm happy you finally converted! Especially loving the S5 wheel. Food for thought for sure. Was worth the wait though looks Epic!
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    New S3!

    where do i sign? :)
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    The Stance Thread

    lol good man!