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    42" Panasonic TV? Where&What??

    I am happy with this one good sound too...
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    what tyres? a4 170 quattro :w00t:8-<
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    MILLE MIGLIA EVO 5 SPORT... :w00t:8-<
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    MAF Sensor Problem?

    It can be a boost leak i hade the same on my car
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    S3 Top Mounts

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    Hill climb

    I have seen it live and its just stunning to see how someone just goes all the way... :tumble:
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    Hill climb
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    Water Wheelie
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    mabye the petrol was swelling his tung...
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    S3 Haldex in the wet

    I am afraid we are looking into dna here sorry man you mabye just dont have it... :racer:
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    Got into to some trouble, destoyed a pipe!

    You need a new FORGE TIP
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    National Donut Day