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    My A3 Sportback 170 Quattro

    Yours and Chris's SBs are perfection :drool:, saw yours at Players last year, interior is lush! Ahh no worries will catch up you next year, im moving to the four rings as i've sold the GTI and i want to go back to an A3 but this time an S3 3dr, i plan to buy this year i'm just waiting for the...
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    My A3 Sportback 170 Quattro

    Hi mate, absolutely stunning sportback you have, nice OEM mods done, 1 of my favourite sportbacks i've seen, will look epic once on air, look forward to seeing it at Edition on sunday if your about :sm4: by the way i'm Sunny i was close to buying your MK5 last year and bought your bonnet bra...
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    FINALLY, after looking for so long, I have my A3.........Awesome Spec!

    nice spec, similar to my old S-Line bar the xenons......just wondering why your steering wheel doesn't have the s-line logo on it? or did audi not put them on all s-lines?
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    My Ibis white S3 transformation

    love this car, nice interior touches any difference in how does the car handles now compared to OEM S3 setup?
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    Some quick pictures of the new S3

    Russo loving the new S3 :yum: p.s if you dont know i am, i "liked" your fb status when you mentioned the S3 haha :moa: hint (i had corsa, a3 tdi, mk5 R32, e46 330, mk5 gti etc):whistle2:
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    Discount on used S3 from Audi - Any hints or tips?

    there is quite a few sportbacks out there in your budget. e.g from Audi, here's one sportback, s-tronic and sat nav under 2k miles Colbornes Audi : S3 Sportback S-Tronic