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    Wanted RS3 8V FACELIFT

    Messaged you...
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    Wanted RS3 8V FACELIFT

    Hi I'm looking to buy an 8V RS3 17/18 plate. Let me know if you're selling. Preferably after one in Nardo but will consider other colours especially on a saloon.
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    Hi mate, I've had a look but I think I want a facelift now. If I went pfl it would have to be everything I listed spec wise. Good luck with the sale though. Mitch
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    Wanted RS3 pfl 15/16 plate

    I've been looking flat out the last 6 weeks, some prices seem crazy. First car I've looked at where the Audi approved cars (from audi themselves) seem cheaper than the average dealer... Also noticed Audi's prices on some 2019 models seem 'relatively' cheap compared to the early cars... To make...
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    Still looking guys, might even be interested in an early facelift... Anyone noticed all the rs3's seem to be around Manchester, Leeds and Yorkshire area? Shame i'm in East Sussex :sob:
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    For Sale 2016 Audi rs3 must sell by Wednesday !

    Great price and spec, i'd happily by it now (and pay more than that) if it was nardo :(
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    Hi all Looking to buy a pre-facelift RS3, must be Nardo grey with black styling pack. Must have: Panoramic Sunroof SS seats with contrast stitching Tech Pack Dynamic pack Comfort & Sound pack Roof rails (not a deal breaker) RS styling, heated seats etc. are preferred... Preferably sub 40k...
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    Sold Very clean S3 8L AMK for sale great factory spec and mods

    Read your advert, what a great example. Good luck with the sale
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    Sold Audi S4 Avant, B8 2009, Highly cherished example, MRC Stg 2, £10k spent

    The time has come to sell my pride and joy... One of a kind Audi S4 Avant in stunning Sprint Blue pearl effect, this is a truly great example of a B8 S4. In the two and a half years I have owned this car I have spent a little under £10k on upgrades in an effort to make this car the best it can...
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    Show Us Your Beading Shots

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    Jamie's S3 Thread

    Haha nice. I feel your pain though, I'm just in the process of getting quotes for paintwork on my S4. Might even need new bumpers due to poor repairs in the past.. ££££
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    Jamie's S3 Thread

    I really hope you can get more power out of it, it's certainly built for more. Keep us posted.
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    S-tronic Gearbox Service - The Definitive Answer

    Just for some perspective, it ended up costing me £600 for a full service. Sump removal (new gasket + bolts) Filter and strainer Atf change +Manual transmission oil change +Rear diff oil change Most of that cost is parts, the oils are particularly expensive.
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    Windscreen Claim

    Did you go through AF in the end? I'm in the same position at the moment with my s4, I want to go through the insurance but I'm concerned. I don't want a bad quality windscreen fitted or a poor job done. Last windscreen I had replaced they cut off the VIN number on the dash.