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    Jerky starting off with my 2011 S3 s tronic

    Probably not of any help, just to clarify its a common thing.. I've a Golf R now and the dsg on that is the exact same.. So annoying..!
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    TT RS pins and shims?

    Thanks bud, i'll have a look
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    TT RS pins and shims?

    Hey all.. Got Brembo 4 pots and the don't have pins and shims.. Also got Ferodo ds2500 pads and none with them either.. Any idea where I can get these from? I've no got a clue? Cheers
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    Opinions on 2+ running for 20k

    Looking into a car for a mate and its currently on 42k miles... Was tuned to 2+ at 20k miles.. Potentially do you think its a good idea to purchase a car thats been running 2+ for so long or is there no real issues.. Except for maybe the cam follower... The car has not been viewed yet.. Just...
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    Loba hpfp Group buy?

    So what price these going for at the minute with the deal?
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    Fitting TTS Cover?

    You need a pair of long nose pliers to pull them out when you feel them jumping..
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    RNS-E problems in my new S3...

    Sounds like a unit problem to me.. If you have a mate with 1, then i'd remove you gps reciever and try it on theirs and vice versa (or even the full unit) even attend a meet and ask someone else, you'll find some people can be more than helpful if you take your unit keys with you. The glovebox...
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    Removing s3 8p downpipe

    +1 from me
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    My review of APR Stage 2+, Gearbox map and Ecotune

    Your gearbox should have had launch control as standard... Gearbox map does exactly what it says it does.. Gives you more revs without the gearbox choosing to change up for you.. Out of sport mode you should still be getting decent figures as opposed to sport and dare I say it, you still have a...
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    Jackos Bluey Mk2.. Build/progress Thread.. Pic Heavy!

    Hey John, long time no speak! Ha aye the family wagon wont be for a while yet... Looking forward to tackling something completely new for a change... 6yrs same car is a bit long for me.. I've held out well with the 8Ps No I haven't as yet mate.. Been a passenger in them tho, can remember being...
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    No boot unlock button.. Help

    Try opening the boot after you've just opened it with the key... You may have a faulty handle Obv just use the door unlock button, not the boot 1 on the keyfob
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    S3 or 3.2 quattro

    This is the age old question of these cars... The noise from the V6 is perfect, especially with an aftermarket exhaust.. However, they look a bit drab imo unless you actually fit the S3 bodykit to it, which kinda defeats the purpose.. Tuning is limited unless you go forced induction as people...
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    No boot unlock button.. Help

    If you unlock the door from the side panel.. Maybe even press it twice, the boot should be unlocked and just pressed to open on the actual handle.. There is no way I can think of to actually make it open like on the keyfob without actually doing that on the key...
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    Another Peeling A3, Any experiance?

    09 mate... Just lucky a mate owns a body shop.. Was the bonnet and the front wing on my old S3 and the back bumper on this 1.. Both had to be resprayed...