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    Anyone one tried one of these downpipes?

    Stage 2 plus. I couldn't see the video yesterday but that's my s3 in the video. It's a resonated system.
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    Anyone one tried one of these downpipes?

    My car was used as development for cobra for this system. I have had no problems what so ever since having the exhaust on which has been around a year now. Top quality service aswell. Only thing they don't do an exhaust tip like the milltek special pipes
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    Just bought a s3 any hints or tips

    Great looking car. Looks to have spacers aswell. It might be a forum members old car. Does it have tvs in the back of front head rests?
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    How many of you is needing a clutch soon?

    get knotted dom. It's lasted a while so I'm not too bothered. Car doesn't even get chance to come on boost at the moment. It only slips in 6th at present but don't wana risk it till I can get a new clutch
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    How many of you is needing a clutch soon?

    I need one as well. Mine started slipping couple of weeks ago after been stage 2+ since April.
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    TBE Options

    In wakefield. Ive got a resonated decat cobra turbo back exhaust. Sounds pretty good to be honest
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    Going Stage 2+

    I made 354 bhp and 367 ft/lb torque
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    Going Stage 2+

    Mines still on the stock clutch. Went stage 2+ in april and its been fine, I drive it hard at times but never launch it. How long should it be expected to last?
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    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    Mine had a ride to audi to potentially be replaced by a salooon :w00t:
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    Dyno results from today

    Nice one corey. Decent results. Possible remap soon? :whistle2:
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    Insurance title for s3

    I had this problem when insuring my s3 through comparison sites. Rang to clarify details and pay and turns out it was wrong and they manually selected s3 at their end abd the premium went up. chose greenlight in the end. Mod friendly and seems a good independent broker
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    Respray - Yorkshire

    Also recommend impact body shop in brighouse. They are quite expensive bit there service is top notch. Have a look on their website at some of the cars they have done. Look immense
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    Im with greenlight. Really good for performance and modded cars. Any mod is no fee but a remap will put on 10% of your annual price. So 500 would be 550 with the remap. Its better to give them a call rather an online quote as it doesnt come straight back with a price. Hope this helps
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    wing mirrors stolen

    Quite possibly is mate.
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    wing mirrors stolen

    Im actually getting the replaced with black ones. I see what you mean if lots of people keep messaging him he may get suspicous. Autolatry let me know if you are going to view them as ive got rest of the week off