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    For Sale 2003 S3 Ming blue 98k miles

    Hello buddy. Does it have fsh?
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    Sold Rear mud flaps for S-Line or S3 8V

    Are these for 8p or 8v buddy?
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    For Sale Audi 18” rotors

    Hi buddy. Are these with or without tyres? Thanks. R
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    UK COVID-19 coronavirus vaccinations - January/February 2021

    How did you get on with the jabs @45bvtc ?
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    For Sale RNSE Navigation Plus and CD Changer

    Do you happen to know if this fits straight into an a3 8p? (60 plate)
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    UK COVID-19 coronavirus vaccinations - January/February 2021

    All the best with the jabs @45bvtc ! I've had both of the jabs (pfizer). Stay safe. Ive had a lot of colleagues that felt a little ill especially after the 2nd jab. Fingers crossed you and mrs 45bvtc will be fine! R
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    Audi badges

    I've done it with wd40, leave to soak in then pour boiling water over it...badges mostly then peel off. Then tar remover for any tougher parts.
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    New owner, from B5 S4 to B8 A4!

    Looks so much better debadged!
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Now with attached pics! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Got round to doing a few bits to the a3 finally. Fitted some mk5 GTI alum pedals, clearmount phone holder and an oem audi exclusive gearknob. For the gearknob I had to use the original a3 base (I believe it was for a b8 a4) but I much prefer it. Level length is much smaller too which makes it...
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    EPC light on...loss of power and judder...HELP

    Hello buddy. It was in fact the coilpack with the a3. Coilpacks aren't too expensive. The car ended up getting work done as part of the piston mod repair by audi which was causing the fault in the first place...but yes...essentially it was the coilpack. Failing that I would also change the...
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    Bought a dead s3 8p? :(

    Can you not return it to the garage and be done with it?