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    LOL Starting to belive it to !

    Well boys my commute is taken via helicopter out into the north sea, and you wouldn't belive the amount of times we have been about to lift only for the chopper to go "technical"! At the end of the day all these machines are only as safe as the guy who maintain them. Seeing as I work in...
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    Mapped S3 clutch slip??

    I'm kinda hoping that your a bit partial to drag racing and have been giving it a bit of a spanking!? :asskicking: Would the uprated clutch affect warranty? I presume it does?..
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    Mapped S3 clutch slip??

    Jonny, how many miles have you done post-remap? Due to get my S3 HAMMERed next month @ racetech in burnley. Don't fancy having to replace the clutch....:(
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    How many with the GIAC hammer map??

    That's obviously meant to be S3 not S£.......:whistle2:
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    How many with the GIAC hammer map??

    You do not need the uprated fuel pump, according to GIAC HQ in the states the hammer map is specifically designed for the S3 with no hardware changes required. The issues you read about ref the 2.0T fuel pump and its max power capability is in reference to the lower powered 2.0T variants...
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    Racetech UK

    Hi guys/girls, Just wondering if anybody has heard of these guys, had a look on the GIAC website yesterday for nearest dealer to me and this mob came up. Any body had any dealings with them in the past? Cheers
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    Hi guys/girls, Just wondering if anybody out there knows if the 2008 RS6 wheels are available to buy OEM/replica? Any help much appreciated. Cheers
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    Wheel Selection?

    Hi guys, Just a quick query that I hope somebody can help me with. I am looking to change the standard wheels on my 08 S3, but am unsure as to what size limitations are? Would like to keep everything as standard as possible, i.e. no spacers or arch rolling etc. Think I will struggle but would...
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    Hi guys and girls, Compete newbie to this online forum thing, but I've been on the "outside looking in" for some time now and time has come for me to jump in at the deep end. Here goes..... Currently I am the owner of a clean, if not a little un-inspiring (nowadays anyway A3 2.0TDI Sport. I...