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    Jonnys old S3?

    If you can find me a 27yr old mk2 that'd be great ;-) lol I'm now between 2 engines though we'l see what we come up with for the loom has anyone got a contact for a custom loom company ie.. A stock loom chopped/adjusted !?this is the one thing I'm 100% lost on and will need looked into I'm...
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    Jonnys old S3?

    Man her t1tts were massive jonny has a video of me trying to randomly motorboat them n failing...that was pretty much the conversation over as I got battered haha No it's not a polo m8 but the plans are almost set the chassis is waiting for me it's 27 yr old and needs an engine ;-) I'm between...
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    Jonnys old S3?

    hahaha you naughty boy ! actually no but the chassis your getting close to ;) il actually be asking devonmikeyboy for help on this one...
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    Jonnys old S3?

    nooo no no its a great car but im not into TTs my next car will be smaller and lighter again naahh the F430 was pathetic the S3 was missfiring quite badly and still got past with ease id say the best competition so far but still not quite as fast was a white lambo LP560...also my mate on his...
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    Jonnys old S3?

    Thanks for the comments guys this thread is making me chuckle, Il drop the price if the car goes to a caring owner I don't want to see it in the death section by Xmas... Oh Phil are you nuts or joking lol
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    Big turbo high spec S3 for sale

    Hi Guys The idea is only in my head for now but the right money would see the car away as iv another project in mind I wont put the spec up yet but its seriously extensive and has had no expense spared as youl see from mine and jonnyCs build threads on the car over on Like i...
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    Some interior wrapping

    oh dear iv been sussed... itl be at trax on sunday if anyone wants a feel :idea: paul i know your dying for a go
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    Car wrapping, anyone on here tried it?

    I do vinyl wrapping but not sure if id wanna do a whole car, was going to do a mates corsa but id take my time as he lives close had my wrapping done a while back at chameleon auto graphics before i started doing it myself, good job too, now iv seen a whole S3 in carbon uurgh not my cuppa tea
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    Fitting engine cover around intake

    a little off topic but fancy selling the spare MAF sensor ?it is the sensor u mean right ?
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    Write Up: No compromise induction kit (ITG Stage 2)

    This kit looks ace id love to try it on my car and do some logs can you let me know when they come available Haz ? Thanks
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    Shotgun Big Turbo S3 strikes...with video's

    because its funny !!! and dont be daft im not filming myself ! :slap:
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    wonderful way to start the day....

    holy crap that does look like a new quarter RY :( hope you get sorted out ok and that TW4T gets what he deservs and the boot !
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    A3/S3 Carbon bonnet GROUP BUY £560+ vat

    Offer still standing guys anyone else oiut there wanting a GREAT quality carbon bonnet for £560+VAT ?? We just need 2 more guys i think, Let me know please.. !
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    Shotgun Big Turbo S3 strikes...with video's

    its a secret ;) nah i utilise the fuel cut on the WOT box its easy to do and makes different noises each time 9/10 it bangs but on the chance it doesnt bang then the next ones HUGE !
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    Shotgun Big Turbo S3 strikes...with video's

    ha ha ha thanks guys yeah i just never get bored of it ! the TDi badge works a treat ppl actually believe it ! even better when the cops are about cos the lad following me with the vid cam is in a new scooby haha he gets the blame ;)