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    facelift saloon - get your orders in quick for the pre-faclift lol

    Would be nice if they offer a sports exhaust option.
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    Paint flaking off!

    This happened to mine also. Do you use a power washer? I was power washing mine and saw it fly off.
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    Audi s3 8v misfiring and coolant

    This is what was happening to me. Happened 4 times over 18 month. I had the car in for an inspection last week and they found a leak from the thermostat housing.
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    S3 water coolant

    Car is in for an inspection today and they found a coolant leak. I have had the warning on the dash a few times and had to top it up. I just thought it was an issue with all the 8v's. Fixing it under warranty though even with the DTUK box clearly on display.
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    Show us Glacier White

    Here's mine [emoji1303]
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    Stop-Start Poll

    Disabled it with VCDS. For some reason it just irritated me.
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    Change of plans

    Probably arrive June/July [emoji848]
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    Change of plans

    I love the c63 AMG. Much prefer it to the M3. I have put a deposit down on the Golf, I have been told March for choosing spec etc. I'm starting to question it now, not so much the car, just the wait. I want something now lol
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    What features don't you use?

    Never use ACC or any other drive select mode always Dynamic. CD player also never used.
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    Change of plans

    @AndyB-S3 - Did you go in and have a look at it? Buy it?
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    S3 Going

    Looks nice. Love the colour
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    Time for a change

    I did think about the focus RS, however the wife put a stop to that straight away lol. It would be a lovely car to drive but it is lacking in the looks department .
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    Time for a change

    These are the optional 19"
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    Time for a change

    I will be going for the red, love the White but want a change from the S3. 19" optional wheels. Apart from that, I'm not sure as VW haven't released any details yet about standard/optional spec. Reading about it online it seems the bucket seats will be standard [emoji3][emoji106]
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    Time for a change

    Dealer thinks it will be around £29k.