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    Post your lowered B8,

    on the V3’s here, very heavy wheels so had a negative effect on handling
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    Post your lowered B8,

    H&R springs, didn’t last very long as it probably would have been more comfortable if I’d replaced the springs with lumps of wood
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    Post your lowered B8,

    kw v3’s wound right down on the rear and front wound down to match. These wheels lasted 2 weeks before 2 of them were bent and I’d not even hit any pot holes.
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    Part ID

    The coolant tank would as the radiator slides forward so the coolant bottle comes with it. I did my spark plugs at weekend which involves moving the coolant bottle and I’m 95% sure that’s what it is. If it is, you’ll easily be able to tell. It’s held on with 2 10mm nuts on the top and the bung...
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    3.0T Cat failure - Preventative Solution?

    Sorry mate, it’s not my car! I just remember seeing it on his instagram so found the link for you. I had my s4 fettled by him a few years back now when he first set up
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    3.0T Cat failure - Preventative Solution?

    may be worth getting back in touch with Chris, the exhaust work they do is pure welding porn!
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    Goosey built S4

    Mine has sports diff so is only 16mm. I’ve been eyeing up A4 bars so as to not jump up too far from what Audi put on it. You can pick them up off eBay used for peanuts and would be more of an experiment than anything just to see what difference it makes
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    S4 Newbie

    Looks mint, don’t see many in red over here! Looks like it’s got an exhaust on it as well?
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    Rear Parking Sensors

    If you press the button to turn the sensors on, you can hear the sensors clicking if you get your ear close enough. If it’s clicking it’s working, the one that’s playing up won’t be making any noise
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    Wheels (sorry!)

    Your Speedo will be out by 8.18% I may be wrong and I’ll be happy to be corrected. Looking at an allroad pics, I’d guess that there isn’t any extra room in the arches compared to a normal A4/S4. To me it looks like they’ve just got plastic trims stuck on the outside of normal pannels? The...
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    Wheels (sorry!)

    I’ve ran a set of 9x20 et37 wheels on my S4 for a while. Does the allroad have wider arches than an S4? If not then there’s absolutely no way them tyres will work. I ran 245/30/20 PS4S’s and there wasn’t much clearance. A 255/30/20 would probably have worked but would have been pushing the...
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    Audi S4 B8 Avant Brilliant Red

    You wouldn’t happen to know the part number would you?
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    Audi S4 B8 Avant Brilliant Red

    Where did you get the gloss back panel from? I really need to do mine as it looks a lot more modern
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    S4 B8.5 MAP Sensor Cleaning

    Curious as to why your cleaning your map sensors?