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    Poor hybrid/Electric endurance @ extreme low temperature

    Okay, I see you're in the UK. I've read that 30 mile battery claim and that's bogus. The EPA estimate of ~18miles is pretty much right where I'm getting. Oh, and batteries are less efficient at cold temperatures? Who knew? ;) Didn't we discuss this in high school chemistry?
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    Had my Battery inspected today

    Not sure where you're getting your expected figures. The only thing I saw was 83mpge which is a baseline number used for comparing with similar cars, not what I should expect to get. I have a short commute so I travel back and forth to work each day on battery, around 15-20 miles (depending on...
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    Post Pictures Of Your e-tron

    e-tron at Rocket Park-2 by Russ, on Flickr e-tron at Rocket Park-4 by Russ, on Flickr