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    Haldex Gen 1 Controller - wiring harness

    For the rear plug 1J0973714 == Female Housing Qty. 1 1J0973814 == Male Housing Qty. 1 N10335807 == Female Terminal Qty. 8 or more N10336105 == Male Terminal Qty. 8 or more 357972740E == (5) Red Seals...
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    The joys of fuel lines

    You can buy the retaining clips in the fitting if that's what you have broken? just I can't find any in this country though! but they must be available somewhere. Some info in this thread also in that thread a3-lee has said...
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    Difficulties starting

    Should be around 12.5v engine off and I'd expect to see it rise to 14v+ when the engines running. If you had a fault code for battery terminal 30 voltage too low, this is usually triggered by a battery disconnect at some point, so quite possibly an old stored code.
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    2001 A3 Quattro Haldex

    Ignition on, has to be on for vcds to work...
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    2001 A3 Quattro Haldex

    Not sure if you'd hear it over the engine running unless you were underneath with your ear next to it, you definitely wouldn't be able to hear the controller operating, I've only ever run the output tests with the engine off.
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    2001 A3 Quattro Haldex

    Yes easy to get too on stands, It's how I done mine, you should hear the pump as like I say it's quite audible, did they actually run the output tests with vcds to activate it and make it run or just fault scan the haldex?
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    2001 A3 Quattro Haldex

    When he activated the pump, could you/he hear it running? it's quite audible, also when you activate the controller in the same test it is very hard to hear as the pumps already running, the noise it makes is only for a split second. If you pull the tubing on the back of the pump off, see if any...
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    Why upgrade the dogbone mount

    Fitted the red bush on mine, very very slight vibration at first but either I've got used to it or it's bedded in a bit now, much better feel pulling away and changing gear though. I was replacing a 130k standard bush though, which is what alot of people seem to forget when they fit poly stuff...
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    Alarm going off when using Key Fob!!

    Pump in the foreground, alarm siren behind it, my rear wash pipe separated and it got pretty wet down their.
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    Maybe silly cost question - mk1/2 conversion

    S2 Mk2 golf Mk2 Golf with haldex
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    Who's disassembled a haldex controller?

    When my pump seal failed, the oil tracked through the wires of the pump and into the controller and then through into the rear multi plug too, so it could be that which has caused it.
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    The moderately informational brake thread....

    Mine are also 239 :icon thumright:
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    X767 CAH

    According to the dvla site It's still taxed and has a valid mot, so that's a good sign.
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    polytek engine mounts

    My old golf did what you describe prawn when I done the trans mount, I thought I'd broken something it was that loud, removed it and noise gone.
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    Fuel Leaking out of my car

    He's talking about removing the complete fitting from the filter I think and in his picture it's a white clip in the fitting, where as yours maybe black.I've not actually removed the clip from those fittings myself but I should think once you have the fitting off the filter and the new clip in...