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    A3 Sline Amalfi White with Black Mirrors and Wheels

    There is a before and after. The mirrors are wrapped in black. I have since replaced mirrors with actual carbon fibre.
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Had Carbon Fibre wing mirrors fitted.
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    Stage 1 Remap - effect on premium ?

    It depends on the % of BHP. Mine was between 10 & 20%. They charged me £48 including admin fee.
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    Haldex pump clean and oil change

    I had mine checked when I had a re-map, glad I did. 20,000miles.
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    Haldex Question

    Sorry I did not ask
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    Haldex Gen5 oil change and gauze clean.

    Had mine cleaned today. 2014 21000 miles
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    Haldex Question

    Had a remap today by R Tech and they checked and cleaned my filter. It was a bit dirty and only done 21000 miles
  8. A3 Audi Quattro

    A3 Audi Quattro

  9. A3 Audi Quattro

    A3 Audi Quattro

  10. A3 Audi Quattro

    A3 Audi Quattro

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    Wheels Colour

    Had mine powder coated anthracite