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    Just ordered my RS3: info on discount, BW, buckets..

    hi all just seen this on Audi nz PS5 RS Bucket seats - more contoured seat style with motorsport look. Angle of backrest is fixed and not adjustable. Lumbar support omitted. (Available as of September...
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    Audi sport showcase

    Another, 18th July Harwood's Audi Cowdray park didn't get invite through post but signed up and got drive in Rs3 & TT roadster RSjack
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    hi this was Southampton Audi`s specialist tyre man who said I have to "have same front and rear as its the RS3"? only called them to ask for quote and for tracking quote. £195 each all in couldn't tell me tracking price but needed car for 1 hour to do this plus cost of tracking. is it ok to...
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    Hi all Been reading a lot of the tyre posts and I am after some advice on tyres ?? I need 2 new fronts called Audi for a quote to be told I have to have the same make front and rear ? Is this correct ? if so why ?? Thanks RSjack
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Got car back Friday finally brakes all done new callipers discs hangers pads Different feel! Been told to bed in slowly !! See pictures for pattern on discs and weights on rear of callipersall (old and new)look good with no squealing as of yet ?? Discs seem bigger and slightly thicker?? bit...
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    Car goes in to Audi, Monday for brake fix at last!! Told its new callipers discs and pads ? Will try and get some pictures of before and after !!
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    Finally-the brakes fix is out....

    All Had mine in Audi last week for various issues and breakswere one of them. Picked car up Monday not a squeal since so hope this hascured the problem Will monitor over the next few weeks and feed back. As for the saggy seat no fix Audi are investigating ? Gearbox rattle they moved some cables...
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    Owners with - brake squeal - please register your frustrations HERE!

    Hi All Car beenin dealers for over a week, I have been away so chased them today, they saymine is the first RS3 to have this break fix done they have fitted what soundslike some sort of shim and they have sent all the info etc. to Audi Germany!!?? Don’t knowabout buckets yet questioned today...
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    Owners with - brake squeal - please register your frustrations HERE!

    All After finallyhearing back from Audi uk after 4 weeks of emails and excuses I rebooked RSinto dealers for them to look at some issues today. 1. Seat base wearing 2. Rattle in driver’s door window switch 3. Rattle from gearbox when in park and neutral 4. And finally the...
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    hi sticks i too have had the clicking noise when in reverse but stealer could not find anything...

    hi sticks i too have had the clicking noise when in reverse but stealer could not find anything and it has not done it for a few weeks, let me know if anything is found so i can point it out to them. speak soon RSjack
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    RS 3 Sportback is back by popular demand

    Hi all I too ordered mine for the exclusivity of only 500 for theuk so I am very peed, I have already emailed Audi customer services saying I willbe seeking legal advice, Audi called me back the next day with the supply anddemand ****e and how sorry they were for my wait. I have emails from my...
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    RS3 Insurance

    Hi all My insurance is up soon and best price is £400. But willonly pay market value if total loss Goes up to £550 for, new for old replacement car policy. What company are you all with???? Thanks RSjack
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    all some bigger pictures hope you can see! great colour in the bright sun its a white then in the shade a blue shade of grey will try and get some int picts up later
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    How many RS3 owners on here?

    how about now ??
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    How many RS3 owners on here?

    Well collected today after an 18 month wait. Glad we waited; Great car will post some better pictures tomorrow but one for now if it works???.