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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    First wash in my ownership..
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Parked it in my driveway for the first time.....
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    Rear seat protection

    Thanks, I guess you where thinking about these: I've seen those before but I'm after something that protects the seatback aswell. I've seen the horrible marks that forward facing seats makes on Audi seatsbacks, and thats what I want to protect them from. Perhaps something more like these...
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    Rear seat protection

    Hi guys, I will receive my S3 Sportback in about two weeks time. It's a used car from Germany. I'm a bit special when it comes to options. Manual and no sunroof was a requierment. Finally found one with LED, MMI touch and Magnetic Ride. Monsoon grey. Its a 11/2103 reg. with only 8000 km...
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    My new Red S3 Sportback BE

    Love the red SB! I agree that the mirrors look off, especially with the BE pack. I would listen to quattro81 when it comes to the color ;)
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    Love this thread! It fould be fun to see an complete and up to date spec list on the car.
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    Help Please 2.0T FSI Rattle

    Its true. Mine and everyother I've heard is the same.
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    RS4 Alloys on an Audi a3?

    We are talkning OEM wheels here right? It all comes down to ET. A5 wheels has to low ET for your A3. The different Audi wheel designs comes on a lot of different Audi cars, but with different ET. Wheels from RS4 will not fit your car. (9x19 ET 29). Wheels with RS4 design from an A6 will most...
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    Picture request pleeeeeeeease!

    OEM Gallardo wheels on this. (4 front wheels) Replica
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    Feedback for VMR RS4 Alloys for S3

    The "new" VMR V709 looks great imo. It's A 19" replica of the 18" DTM A4/S4 wheels (One of the nicest looking Audi OEM wheels). Would look great on a S3 in gunmetal.
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    IBIS S3, 19" Black edition BBS CH, Hnr Lowering Springs

    Great looking car. Get som black mirrors and your done!
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    Pic request: Audi C6 Allroad on 20"

    As topic stated. Anyone got some? :sm4:
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    DAS-6 Hard Paint Polishing Kits - Just £99 for Xmas!

    Nice! Will you ship to Norway? How much? Feel free to pm me..
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    B7 Wagon Transformation with Pics ;)

    Congrats! You have the best looking B7 I've seen. Black optics ftw!
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    New wheels, yes another set!

    Looking forward to se them on!