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    2019 RS5 Sport Edition - Oil Type & usage?

    Hi Chimp, I have the same situation. I have to top it up every 5-6 months. It is quite heavy on the oil but Audi says its normal with this engine. For the oil type I really have no idea. I go to Audi and buy it from them.
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    Just bought the sportback

    Well done mate it looks beautiful. I have moved from an M4 too and am very pleased with my decision. Completely different class...
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    Rattle on start up.

    Hi James, I dont think that is an issue at least I hope not. I have the same but it was there when I bought it brand new 16 months ago and still happens when I first start the engine. Have no idea what it is though.
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    Are you enjoying your new RS5?

    I have had mine over a year now and just over 20K miles today. I love it everyday I drive. If I go abroad I really miss it :)). Compared to the M4 competition I had before, this feels like it is in a different class. I honestly still dont like the nose %100 but everyone loves it. I get constant...
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    The Official RS5 photo thread...

    Will take more pics tomorrow :)
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    Fitted new wheels today.

    Just a side shot but probably same as your old wheels :wink:
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    Fitted new wheels today.

    I think it looks beautiful my friend. I have 20” blades right now but I think these are simply great
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    Sports Exhaust

    The demo car I tried had sport exhausts and I loved it. Now I bought one with that option and I love it. It could have been a little bit more aggressive in my opinion but still great