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    That d**n gearbox

    Technique works for me with the DCT.
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    That d**n gearbox

    2:48 in this video for how to change gear at slow speeds with the Lamborghini (Audi) gearbox. The RS3’s gearbox is its only weakness - instant, snappy shifts at high revs but a lazy lurch, accompanied by a long bellow like a cow giving birth, around town. Following Mr JWW’s advice, I now pull...
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Cat Red RS3 at Cairnwell Pass, Glenshee in the Scottish Highlands. Very early in the morning and -5 degrees outside.
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    RS Design Pack mats

    Received mine on Saturday, with red binding.
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    Drive Select on Start Up

    You said it AudiNutta! Awesome, awesome cars but the gearbox really does my head in around town. Leaping randomly into 1st gear at slow speed, accompanied by an anti-social roar and bang, and that never ending, lazy lurch from one gear into the next even in Dynamic / Sport. Funnily enough...
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    Drive Select on Start Up

    Yes, you can but you have to wait for the MMI to initialise before the steering wheel button works - can take quite a while. Much quicker just to toggle the main 'Drive Select' button five times as soon as you fire up.
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    Drive Select on Start Up

    Simples from a US video. Why doesn't the Dealer just tell you this on collection and avoid a lot of head scratching.
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Enjoying the last of the Autumn sun in my new Cat Red RS3. Gloss Black Styling Pack, Mag Ride, Sport Exhaust, B&O Sound and Matrix LED's. Awesome car!
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    Post Pics Of Your S1's In Here

    S1 in Glencoe.
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    EPC Warning Light

    Yes. Accelerated hard to overtake, the EPC light came on followed by ‘Stop Start’ and ‘ABS’ error messages. Car seemed to go into limp mode momentarily. Re-started once and only the EPC light remained on. Re-started a second time and everything cleared. Took it to the Dealer where an Air Intake...
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    Mr JWW’s ABT Upgrade

    No idea, sorry, Matt6494. Just saw this video on a YouTube channel I subscribe to and shared it. Looks like a piggyback ECU only. According to Richter Motorsport website: "consisting of: ABT-ECU (AEC), bracket set, cable harness and mounting kit. In this technology, the ABT Power Software is...
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    Bought an S1

    Yes, pads and all moving parts / guides in the caliper. Quite messy at first and, after a while, I had to polish the excess off the painted surfaces of the calipers but it’s done the trick.
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    Bought an S1

    This stuff worked wonders for me. Had a bad squeal during low speed manoeuvring and this stuff sorted it. That’s six months in all weathers and still no squeal.
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    How much are my s1 18" star alloys with tyres worth?

    New Coke Bottle 18’s are over £700 each, no tyres.
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    BOSE door speakers are a big disappointment. My driver’s door speaker vibrates with any level of bass but, if you apply pressure, it stops so I think it’s just poor quality covers / fitment.