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May 21, 2018 at 11:03 PM
Aug 11, 2005
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May 21, 2018 at 11:03 PM
    1. Allyn78
      HI ROBIN, was thinking about fitting footwell lights to my a4 b7 avant. can you help me out with the parts and some instruction to do this? what would be costing for parts? thanks
    2. giorgos audi
      giorgos audi
      Hello Robin.can you help me with warning light connection.my car is audi a3 2009 model 2door.i dont know what pin i used on door module.thank you
    3. TF_Si
      Hi Robin are you still making looms up ? i want to retro fit puddle lights, door warning lights and front footwell lights, I have all the lights just need the looms. My car is an A3 2007 , how ever has had the door connectors repinned to install power folding dumbo mirrors with led indicators and later 2012 door modules (8P0 959 801 & 2P)
    4. jtraxler1981
      How do I go about getting your foot weel kit and door puddle kit for the 2006 a3
    5. RuneO
      Hi Robin
      It aint possible for me to see the pictures from your DIY retrofitting footwell lights on a a3 8p.
      Are you able to help me solve my problem?
      Thanks, Rune
    6. Martin_MCD
      Hi Robin,

      I have a 2014 Audi A3 S line 8v 5 door sports back and I would like to retro fit puddle lights to all 4 doors and and warning lights. Are you still able to supply the items and the wiring looms. How much would it cost and is it a simple plug and play? I am guessing I would need to reprogram through the VCDs for operation via the MMI?
    7. Lomme
      Hi Robin, I have a A3 2013 facelifted and would like to get the footwell lights and wiring, do you still sell these ? and do you ship to Denmark ? My central electric module have HW no. 8P0 907 063 N
    8. aducati
      hi robin can I fit these puddle lights to my adui tts 2012 convertible and if so what is the price of the kits.
    9. Jimbo d
      Jimbo d
      Hi robin I have an A4 b7 and need puddle, warning , and door handle light looms I have lights just need wiring could you send pm a price thanks jim
    10. Gary.J.M.64
      Hi Robin.I read with interest ur artical on the A3 footwell and puddle light upgrade. Wondered are you selling these units? if so how much buddy?
      Thanks for ur time mate. Gary.
    11. Nuc
      Hello Robin,

      Could you let me know your shipped price to Hungary, for a set of your front footwell, puddle and warning lights, looms and lenses? I have a 3 door 2006 A3, LHD.

      Thanks :)

    12. Paul battams
      Paul battams
      Hi robin
      Been in touch about footwell lights front and rear with (Leds) and rear puddle lights and glove box light
      Regards Paul
    13. szurke
      Hi Robin,

      I have a 2010 A3 8P with Medium BCM (8P-0907-063-N).
      Could you send me a shipped price for the front and rear footwell cable kits (just the cables)? My location is Hungary.

    14. cbeadle2508
      Hey Robin
      Could you do me a price for the front and rear footwell lighting kit for a A4 B8.5?
      Thanks mate.
    15. JPK

      Can you please PM me a shipped price (Auckland, New Zealand) for your front footwell lights and looms.

      Alternatively if you cant ship to NZ, I have a forwarder in the UK i can use.

    16. Andy2505
      Hi, i have a a4 b7 2005 and was thinking about fitting the puddle/warning lights? are you still able to supply them, if so could you please PM me the price @ jackle_hyde2005@hotmail.co.uk
    17. B_rad
      Hi Robin,
      Spent some time reading your DIY on the footwell lights. Fantastic stuff man.
      I was hoping you could perhaps help with a part no for the repair wire that plugs into the BCM for an A3 8P (2010).

      Thanks in advance.

      1. B_rad
        Any comment on this?
        Oct 6, 2016
    18. Jock!1
      Hi Robin

      Do you still sell the interior lighting kits for the Audi A4 avant B8?

      Thanks John
    19. Adrian Guramba
      Adrian Guramba
      Hi, mate! Do you still sell the fotweel lights kit? If so, could you let me know the price and how I could order it. Thanks! Adrian
    20. Hishy1
      Hi, i have a 3 door a3, and was thinking about fitting the footwell + puddle/warning lights? are you still able to supply them, if so could you please PM me the price etc. thanks!
    21. Anthony Fletcher
      Anthony Fletcher
      Hi, do your footwell lights work on A1's? If so, can I place an order? Also, do you do anything to assist fitting a glovebox light?
    22. JensenB
      Hi robin, I've asked trups about doing a full interior light set up on my a4 b8.5 I.e footwells, puddles,glovebox etc but then realised he's miles away as you are more local to me is it something you do? I really don't feel confident in doing it myself!!
      Thanks in advance Jensen
    23. Blaster1
      Hi mate I'm looking for front and rear footwear lights plus the puddle door light set for a 3 door a3 2011 thanks
    24. NME
      Hi Robin, can you please supply 2 x footwell light kits for the A3.

      1 x 2011 A3

      1 x 2009 A3 Cabriolet

      If it makes any difference?

      I have fitted your looms to a 2007 S3 before, but I would imagine they are failry similar apart from different connectors to the fuse area.

    25. Florymec
      Hi Robin can you tell me if you still sell footweel lights
    26. WorthRich
      Do you still sell the footwell lights? Thanks
    27. JBMF90
      Hey RobinA3 do you still do the footwell lights for Audi A4 B7?
    28. A4Phantom
      Hi Andy, I see you are getting alot of messages regarding the footwell light kits for A4 B8's . Do you still sell them?
    29. Musicman94
      Hello, do you still sell the puddle light looms for a Audi A4 B6? Thanks
    30. Bazzarr17
      Hello fella, do you still have the footwell light kit and puddle light kit for 2009 A3 sport back ? Many thanks
    31. Bertn
      Hello, do you still sell front and rear footwell lights for a 2009 A4 B8? Thanks in advance!
    32. shugiflex
      Hi Robin, are you still selling the front footwell light looms? It's for a 2011 A3. Thanks!
    33. DomH
      Hello, are you still selling the front/rear footwell light looms? :) It's for a 2010 A3
    34. stevehallyboy
      Hi Robin, can you advise price for Front Footwell light kit and Glovebox light kit for 2014 A4 B8 Avant, Thank you
    35. zaserty82
      Hi Robin, nice to meet you!
      I wish to know your availability for a complete front and rear footwell kit for a Audi A3 8p Sportback 2009 (1st half). Thank you.
    36. Jet2004uk
      I already have the puddle lights just enquiring on a price just for the front door looms ? 2010 A3 8p Sportback
    37. Conza
      How much am I looking at for complete footwell light kit for a 2007 Audi A3 8p sportback
    38. T0m
      Hey fella, you couldn't give me a price for a full set of interior lights for a b8 including puddle and glovebox?

      I was the guy with the B6 who came to your house and helped you fit the puddle lights to my old motor!


    39. stav8124
      Hi Robin can i please enquire about ordering front & rear footwell, Glovebox lights, and puddle lights 4 door and wiring looms for my Audi A4 B8 2008 S Line Saloon
      1. stav8124
        I can't find these lights anywhere can you please help as I see you have a kit for these lights on here which i like
        Sep 17, 2014
      2. stav8124
        Hi mate can you pls help with the lights kits I need
        Sep 27, 2014
    40. Jba3
      Hi Robin can I please order front & rear foot well lights & wiring for my Audi 2012 A3

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