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    audi a4 for sale

    No idea if i am putting this in the right section but here goes My audi a4 is up for sale if anyone is interested either pm me or give me a ring. 2000 AUDI A4 2.4 SE 5dr Auto Avant
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    Hello from Aberdeen!

    hello and welcome
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    Newbie from Johannesburg - South Africa

    hello and welcome to audi sport
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    How old are you and what car do u drive?

    i'm 31 and drive a a4 avant 2.4 v6
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    just a little bit pee'd off

    i would mate defo worth it as it can get expensive if it does go
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    just a little bit pee'd off

    yep and the chap that did it worked at audi for 25 years before setting up his own place so he knows his stuff
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    just a little bit pee'd off

    Well the car is all fixed cambelt had gone but it had taken the hydrolic tensioner (so the garage said) first which saved the engine so the garage has changed the water pump + housing stat cam belt aux belt all tensioners complete coolant flush and new under tray (Engine protector) for the...
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    Aero Wipers on

    ok will have a look on ebay
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    Aero Wipers on

    looking very nice have you got a link to the one you bought of ebay?
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    just a little bit pee'd off

    It might be but it all depends on how much it is going to cost there is only so much i am willing to spend on a car when it is only worth just over 2k. Plus i need the car for our holiday in 3 weeks that the kids are rally looking forward to and i do not want to disappoint them.
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    just a little bit pee'd off

    thanks Byzan a4 for changing the title was not thinking straight when i typed that
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    just a little bit pee'd off

    will not know until monday when the mechanic has a look at it.
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    just a little bit pee'd off

    One the way back from the shops this morning and the cambelt on the v6 thought it would give up the ghost. just need to find someone to fix it now before we go to barmouth in 3 weeks
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    Need some answers regarding my cambelt

    already sent him a mesage just waiting for a reply