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    Lowering springs

    Thanks Chris, Yeah, she's looking good now, next on the list is to have the calipers done, (I'm thinking orange with Audi ring Decals). If you're looking for a deal on the Eibachs, I can let you know the details of the guy I've bought mine from. Cheers Rob
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Drive is superb, steering is much more precise and the car just feels much more planted. Over uneven roads it feels much 'smoother', which I'm putting down to the thicker, better quality coils. Under load when accelerating the car also rides flatter, which gives the impression it's quicker, (I...
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Channgessss! Swapped out the 20" Le Mans for 19" Rotors on Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S, then lowered on Eibach Pros
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    Lowering springs

    Took a couple of pics this afternoon, hope these help :thumbs up:
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    Lowering springs

    Hi Chris, Sure, will need to give her a wash first :blackrs4: Mine is an S-Line, so you won't see the full 30mm drop, (As Damian said, I think it's around 15-20mm when you factor in the already lowered S-Line suspension). Cheers Rob
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    Lowering springs

    I can vouch for the Eibach Pros, I've fitted them to my last two A4 B8s, (2.0 TDi & 3.0 TDi), and they are fantastic, transform the car overnight! :thumbs up:
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    For Sale Genuine A3 Cabriolet Wind Deflector

    For sale due to having to sell the wife's car in for a more sensible Q5, Genuine 2015 A3 Wind Deflector, practically unused so in perfect working order with carry/storage case. Going rate seems to be around £100 struggling to upload pics, but can send to you if you PM me. Cheers Rob
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    Audi drive select essential?

    I have a linked question, is it possible to use lowering springs when you have the ADS adaptive suspension, (i.e. the struts with the electronic switches), I'm sure I've read somewhere this is not do-able, but really need to get the front wheel gap in my A4 reduced :whistle2:
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    What suspension?

    Eibach Pro Lowering springs transformed my old B8 SE, cannot recommend them highly enough
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    Sold Audi A4/A5 genuine Rotors, 19", gloss black - good condition

    Hi SNC, are these still for sale?:thumbs up: