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    Anyone into Knight Rider (80's TV Series)?

    I was a fan of the original 80s series. KITT Vs KARR and also Goliath were some of the most memorable series. Apparently the voice actor behind KARR is the same actor who played the voice for Optimus Prime in Transformers. At first I didn't thought I'd like the 2008 version featuring the...
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    What have you done today?

    I haven't posted on this forum in a while but I still kept my b5. I'm expecting a delivery of my standard factory rear bumper to arrive to replace the aftermarket one that keeps falling off.
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    Blind girl begins to see

    A girl was born blind in her right eye and has little vision in the left eye, gets healed:
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    The Invisible Man

    Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist who uses his body and paint to blend into backgrounds. Liu Bolin | The invisible man | The Australian
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    terrible mpg

    Possible fuel leaks or the fuel filter isn't properly secured(?), or leaks on the fuel lines/breather valve in the engine. My 2.4 V6 would normally do 25-26mpg in town and 32-34mpg on motorways. My dad used to own a '96 1.6, I can't give you accurate figures but its fuel economy is way higher...
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    Merry Christmas..

    Merry Christmas to you all!! And Happy New Year for 2011. :laugh:
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    Brake warning light!

    I thought the exclamation mark was anything brake related. A few months ago I had the same warning and it turned out to be low brake fluid.
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    Whats the logical next car, post S4

    I was seriously considering a b7 S4 2005 as they're becoming more affordable. My annual mileage is very low therefore fuel cost isn't an issue, the main issue is insurance cost. The lowest quote I found was £1200+ because of the higher risk in parts of Newcastle. The other reason preventing...
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    Audi Free MOT

    I had the free MOT done at Wearside Audi. It failed on a worn tyre. £22 isn't much but that's how much they've charged to replace it with the spare wheel.
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    September 11 2001 what were you doing when you heard?

    I was at a meeting at work. After I returned to the office, there were crowds of people gathering around other people's PCs watching BBC News 24 via Intranet TV. I heard that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre. So I tried to load up the News on my PC but the network didn't respond...
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    London Supercar Motorshow

    I actually found the link from another forum, but yeah, go and check it out.
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    London Supercar Motorshow

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    Converting mkv files to avi

    VLC media player can convert most video formats, but first you may need to download the codecs to support MKV.
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    MOT Question(rear foglight)

    Not only they're trying rip you off but it sounded like they're also trying to manipulate her by claiming that the failed MOT would unvalidate her insurance. But glad to hear you got it fixed in the end.
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    MOT Question(rear foglight)

    Perhaps like on certain cars, the Clio has rear left and right fog lights?