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Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.
Last Activity:
May 5, 2020
Jan 25, 2012
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Stockport, Cheshire
Instrumentation Engineer, ECU Calibrator

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Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

Site Sponsor, from Stockport, Cheshire

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Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. was last seen:
May 5, 2020
    1. L16RYE
      Hi what gain on remap on Audi A4 3.0 TDI 2006 trip tronnic has fmic exhaust system K&N panel filter with drilled air box and egr delete .. it's holding 27psi ATM ..
    2. Delboy78
      Morning pal.
      How much am I looking at to gut out the dpf on my a3 2.0tdi.
    3. philip.levis
      Hello I have been given your contact I have just bought a 2015 A3 1.4 tfsi sline 125bhp am looking at getting it remaped can you help and quote me a price thanks
    4. Chipmunk73
      Hi rick am booked in for stage 1 remap with the 2015 dsg s4 next wednesday.. i hearing a lot of talk about having gearbox mapped as well .. is this advisable and what is the cost of gear box map
      . Thanks lee
    5. gary911
      Hi Rick, read lots of good things about your expertise with the B7 3.oltr TDI. I have a 2007 B7 3.0ltr tdi 233bhp model very low mileage at 46k I am looking at a remap and wanted to get some idea of costs stage 1
      and expectations on power & torque gains .

      Regards Gary
    6. Usmxn
      Hi Rick, I need a price for a dpf delete and remap on my a3 170 quattro please
    7. Mario8P
      Rick mate are you okay?
      I've been trying to contact you for couple of days.
      But I never heard back from you
    8. darren t
      darren t
      Hi Rick I'm after a remap on my Audi A4 2.0tdi Quattro 170bhp brd engine been trying the phone all week I'm desperate for a remap?
    9. Archies
      Hi Rick, Looking for a remap on my 2012 2.0tdi avant...136bhp...do you gave a rough estimate..Cheers
    10. Oxygen Thief
      Oxygen Thief
      Hi Rick,

      I've just sent you a message on your webpage. A quick question for you; I've got a 58 plate S3 and I'm wondering roughly how much it would cost to get it remapped and what sort of gains would I be looking at?

    11. Adam power
      Adam power
      Hi Rick,

      I've got a A4 B7 Quattro, needs DPF removed and mapped out. Already remapped to 200bhp but could do with that checking too.

    12. freezebox
      Hi there,

      Wondered how much you charge for the removal of a DPF and remap on a 2007 a3 2.0 tdi PD quattro?

    13. Chris0906
      Hi Rick,

      Ive been recommended to get in touch with you by a few people on here. Hope you can help, I looking to get a remap on our Audi A4 (B8) 2.0tdi 143. Can you let me know an idea on price and what sort of gains can be expected? Also a lot of people recommend an egr delete and dpf removal, is this something you would advise to get done at the same time as a remap.


    14. DomH
      Hello, are you able to remap an 2010 A3 1.8 TFSI? And how much? :) Thanks
    15. carlsjoe1
      Hi Rick,
      Just wondering if your can help me as you have been recomended by someone on here for some advice for my Audi A4 58 reg 140 tdi.
      My Engine Management/DPF light is coming on every couple of weeks for the last Month, ive just had the rac come out tonight and reset with the code saying exhaust pressure sensor high, is dpf removal the best option or could it be a sensor fault.
      hope you can give me some advice.
    16. jadejackellie
      thanks for reply rick,i thought id read you were doing
      the remaps for £250 wich is my budget, if you have any
      deals on in next couple of weeks would you let me no
      i like the sound of you and would prefer you to do it plus i work in cheadle so handy for me to get car to you,i have had quotes of £150,£186 but i dont understand how they can do it so much cheaper than you,anyway thanks for your help,jeff
    17. jadejackellie
      hi rick,im in cheadle so close to you,im thinking about getting my a4 b8 a remap,how much will this cost mate and what gains can i expect,thanks jeff
    18. Solz
      Hi mate, ive heard your company does dpf removal and remap? ive got a vw golf mk5 gt sport 170. The dpf filter needs replacing as the light comes on every two days. So was thinking of a dpf removal and remap how much would this cost and is there any long term problems that can occur after the removal?
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    Stockport, Cheshire
    Instrumentation Engineer, ECU Calibrator

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