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    If you hadn't bought an S3 (any variant) what would it have been...?

    I had a look at the Merc A45 AMG, but ride, interior and price put me off, also looked at BMW X3, but decided it was too old person for me, RS Q3 nice but looks a little dated now, maybe in a few years time. Could not get a deal on the new TTS cab, so ordered an S3 for delivery in March, will...
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    Adjust auto light sensitivity

    Thanks for the quick reply,Not noticed that option before - i can see options for them to come on earlier (threshold earlier), don't want this, want to decrease the sensitivity. On byte 1 there the light sensor correction which is set to 73% (mine a TT 8J), if I alter this setting (for...
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    Adjust auto light sensitivity

    Hi does anyone know the settings (in Vagcom) to change the sensitivity of the auto lights ? Noticed mine where on this morning when I really dont think they where needed ! Also how long does it take for them to adjust - ie get it out of garage and it seems to tune them on and then take an age...
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    Flying TT

    How the heck do you manage to get it in that position, OK can assume not keeping to the limit, hit the curb and somehow launched the car ? Richard
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    Boot release button disable on door

    Thank you - I will have another look at the car tonight and see if anything looks obviously wrong. I do have the orig setting for each door - as I took a picture of the setting before I changed them - lazy I know ! 0-8j7 959 802N Tuer SG H04 0101 Software coding for drivers was 0000565 -...
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    Boot release button disable on door

    Gizmo do you post on TTforum as well ? This is an auto scan I did last night - fingers crossed I did this right Chassis Type: 8P0 Scan: 01 03 08 09 10 15 16 17 19 22 25 26 42 44 46 47 52 55 56 61 77 VIN: XXXZZZ8JXXXXXXXXX 01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000 03-ABS Brakes -- Status: OK...
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    Boot release button disable on door

    Lol that would have been far too sensible of me ! After 6 years of messing with vag com just found out that the log files can be used as a backup. I'm going to take the door panel off when I have time to see if I have not connected something back when I put the puddle lights in, but I doubt...
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    Boot release button disable on door

    I've some how managed to disable the boot release via the button on door of my MK2 TT, probably by my messing with vag com It still works on the remote key fine, as does the fuel release button next to the boot release on the door. Any idea where to undo this in vag com Thanks in advance Richard
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    Leak new s3 behind driver seat help

    Well I'm glad you got it sorted in the end, but the phrase Audi Bolton and helpful are not words I personally use in the same sentance. They seem to have an abilty to not fix my squeaking windows / door or fix the trim around my seats, and the less said about their ability to deliver a brand...
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    Fifth Gear - Today

    Has she been dumped from the show or was just not on last night show ? Yeah she can be annoying but out of 2 well I would give her ..... Richard
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    S3 Steering Wheel - mode button

    The mode button on mine activates the bluetooth phone. Not sure if can change what the mode button does. Richard
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    What are my wheels worth?

    How bad is the kurbing on all wheels ? Might be interested - pics would be helpful Thanks Richard
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    I retrofited the storage packet, almost done need some help. pictures

    I've one of these in the boot - velcros to the boot carpet. Richard
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    Ah my applogies - it was the link I used in Feb to get 20% off - but its still good value for money at full price, and I repeat what Iggu says in regards to contact Revo Carl I will remove the link. Richard
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    ambient lighting

    Yes I have it saved - pm me an email address and I will send it to you Richard