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    List all the cars you have owned so far

    Mini 1275 GT (77) filled in with filler! Ford Escort XR3i (83) MG Metro (88) rust bucket Ford Escort (87, 88, 94) smoker, smoker, electrics failed Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 saloon (90) can't fault it Ford Fiesta XR2i (90) started every day but that's about it Vauxhall Vectra SRi 1.8 (98)...
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    Audi-Sport Road trip in August - Switzerland/Italy

    I'm getting married that weekend so I don't think I'll get away with a jolly to the alps! may be the next one eh!? :eyebrows:
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    GTA IV online!!

    I'm on xbox360 so if anyone wants to add me (or vice versa) I'll try and book the t'v for an evening...... (tobi32uk) ...
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    New S3 sportback in the summer?

    D5JoCbQJdR8 excuse the annoying yank!! :)
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    No sound from pc speakers??

    I am assuming that your on XP and not Vista? I can't vouch whether this works for the latter
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    No sound from pc speakers??

    Not sure if you've sorted this by I've been having the same problems. It seems that one of the versions of macromedia flash deletes a file called wavemapper from the windows registry; I understand that this manages all your internet sounds. All you need to do is to open registry editor by...
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    Conspiracy theories

    Thought that one was true!!!! :haha:
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    Funny you should say that! (looks at watch). Have you got anything on your mind that's preventing you from sleeping? I frequently have nights of intermittent sleep and it boils down to issues at work. I've slept well for the last 7 days and managed to put some niggling problems to the back...
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    FAO People with dodgy Central Locking - Boot release

    Just out of interest I thought I'd press the unlock button for a few seconds to see what happened and all four windows wound down by a couple of inches :ohmy:....... Can anyone else achieve this instant air conditioning?... :P
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    Why on earth would you want to do this to your car!?
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    Lost my Driving Licens

    You don't know the difference between 135mph in a 60'... Has you car got wings or something? :wtf:
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    London Mayor

    He's got might vote (boris) as long as he gets rid of them fecking bendy buses!!!!! :D
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    We are Bored.....

    Are you called the bored because you spend more time hanging around for the AA than actually driving ;) :blackrs4::blackrs4::blackrs4:
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    about to order

    If you can stretch to the 2.0tdi then go for it! My A3 is great but the 1.9 engine that I went for is a little sluggish in my opinion...