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    S5 4.2 V8 - High-ish miles info

    Thanks for your response I read somewhere that Audi class the auto trans on these with lifetime fluids and therefore only service it on request although not sure how true that is. Hopefully I can find an example with good service history and would probably take it to MRC for a full health check
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    S5 4.2 V8 - High-ish miles info

    Hi I have seen the odd ones about manual trans, more so than the auto trans. There was one on youtube of a auto trans issue in which Audi couldn't diagnose for him by the looks but thats all i could find
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    S5 4.2 V8 - High-ish miles info

    Hi All Hoping you can help me here. I recently had to chop in my V6 S4 Avant for a new Q7 with now having 3 kids, which the wife now drives. This means I have adopted her mega powerful 1.4 SEAT Leon FR 5F and so having owned high performance cars for the past 10+ years I am struggling with...
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    new audi s4 avant 2014

    Great speaking to you Carl. I have sent you a PM with the stuff I had on the car. JRock247 - I have notified him about the number Cheers
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    new audi s4 avant 2014

    Hi Carl Just being nosey but where did you buy the car from? I have just reluctantly had to change my S4 Avant for a new Q7 with now having 3 children and I had a set of Eibach lowering springs on it that I had to take off because they couldn't sell the car as Audi approved. The car went in...
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    Q7 Q7 Air Suspension - should I bother?

    Hi, I'm about to put in an order for a new Q7 4M but just wondering thoughts on the air suspension that is part of the dynamic pack? Been doing a bit of searching on here throws a few faults especially with compressors but just wondering if I'm setting myself up for some pain when things go...
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    B9 S4 Info Thread

    Found another on YouTube with a cam attached to the back. Already liking the sound it seems to pop and crackle on downshift more (kind of like the RS3 and RS6). Yes I'm a big kid and like these kind of noises
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    Audi S4 vs Jag XFS

    It's a great choice razza, I have a soft spot for jags. Colleague of mine gone from the XF to a new XE S, both great cars Hope you enjoy the new ride
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    My S4 thread

    Thanks for the heads up. Mine is in for 2nd service next month will see what price my dealer comes up with. Like you I will be using main dealer until out of warrenty at which point I will use independent tuning specialists
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    S4 got stolen

    Sorry to hear this, hope the scum get caught. Was it taken without keys?
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    B9 S4 Info Thread

    Perhaps I'm expecting too much from the new model :-) Regarding noticing no lag I wasn't pointing to the turbo producing no lag but how the car is mapped as such in the way it delivers the power. I guess my reference point was my previous car that felt sluggish in standard 300hp form but once...
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    B9 S4 Info Thread

    I'm wondering if the shift changes are mainly down to the software on the TCU... I know APR tuning do software for these that supposedly make shifts quicker (as well as getting rid of the horrible 1st select downshift clunk) however reading further into the switch to tip-tronic is mainly down to...
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    B9 S4 Info Thread

    Had an email last week from the sales chap, I'm trying to get more info from himn regarding release dates and prices but not got back to me yet but going to be getting my name down for a test drive once they get a demo I've seen grumblings on some forums regarding the switch from s-tronic to...
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    Looking to buy an S4 B8/B8.5, few questions

    Welcome to the Audi side Fair few of us on here have come from high performance hatches to fast Audi's. Brilliant cars and the S4 is wolf in sheeps clothing I think everyone has pretty much covered it but best way is to get out and test drive one. There are so many variations of spec but if...
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    S4 Exhaust Tips

    Will try the zero grade wire wool. I did mine on Monday as they were heavy pitted with a microfibre and autosol which took ages but need finishing off Slightly off topic but anyone seem to get stones trapped in between the tailpipes?? Rather annoying....