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  • Hiya! could you share your speed cam file pls and tell me how to install pls? I am desperately in need of one.
    I Have an Audi A1 1.4 TFSI 2014 and am Looking to get a few tweaks done, can you let me know if you are still Bristol Based?

    Thanks Seb
    Hey mate,

    ive just bought an '06 A4 Cabriolet, and the hood light is flashing for 10 seconds on startup. Any chance we can hook it up to your VCDS to find the code? I'm about all week/weekend and based on the Gloucester Road.

    Hello RedTurtle
    My brother lives just north of Bristol and has a current VW Polo 1.2 TSI and would like a couple of code changes using VCDS. I have details of the codes that need to be changed as I had them changed on my wife's Polo. I have VCDS myself but not the right cable for the Polo. Would you be able to help.

    Thanks a lot

    Dave (H5DJR)
    Hey RedTurtle ,I was wondering if you be able to help me with an engine light fault, i think its the auxiliary water pump or sensor as it turns on and off again.

    I work down the road from you, so hoping to pop in during lunch.


    Hey. I noticed you were just up the road from me (I live in Redland). I was wondering if I might be able to do a few coding things. Would be great to hear from you, thanks Chris.
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