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    Stuttering / Juddering

    Might sound obvious, but have you had the car hooked up to VAG-COM to see what fault codes the diagnostics might find?
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    Lightweight alloys.

    Speedline Turini's are pretty lightweight from what I remember.
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    What am i missing, apart from my marbles.

    Yup, you're missing a small catch which is meant to hold the lid in place. It attaches directly to the lid, where those holes are in your second photo.
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    Aaarggghhh my eyes

    Looks like someone got carried away with the chrome effect Plasti-kote. Not my cup of tea at all.
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    Bought the S3 less than a week ago...have a problem. How should I deal with it??

    If the vehicle was sold with a defect by the dealer, then it is their responsbility to get sort it not just to pass the buck onto the warranty company. Under the Sale of Goods Act, the onus is on the seller to either repair or replace goods which are not of satisfactory quality at the time of...
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    CD "clicking" noise when ignition switched off

    I've started getting a clicking noise from my head unit, but when I turn it on. Doesn't do it every time however, but it is becoming more frequent.
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    Which new car??

    Engine wise they're similar, but the chassis architecture/components on the Z3M are much older in comparison to the E46 M3. Although with less than 1000 RHD Z3M's sold in Europe, they're certainly a lot less common than the M3!
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    Recommended garages for fitting new suspension

    Which place in Newcastle was that?
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    New 8L A3/S3 owners

    Didn't take me long. To be fair I expected after even my old Polo GTi had one!
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    S3 - Twanging noise from steering.

    I think I may well go for the upgraded route. Spoke to Teesside Audi today, who told me that there are 6 different variants of spring for the S3, identified by blobs of paint on the spring. Nothing is ever simple on this car I swear!!
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    S3 - Twanging noise from steering.

    Yup, you would be correct about the broken spring! Found 3 inches of the front offside spring snapped at the base, so I'm guessing that's the problem. Question now is whether to just replace the fronts with stock items, or go for some aftermarket ones.
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    S3 - Twanging noise from steering.

    Went out to drive my S3 this afternoon, as I was driving along there was a very loud twang noise from the front end, accompanied by vibrations through the steering column. Turned it straight round and come home; essentially about 1 turn of lock either right or left, it makes the twanging noise...
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    S3 Undertray

    Thanks for the replies guys. Currently there is nothing covering any section of the bottom of the engine bay. I'm just trying to establish what should be there as standard. So there should be a short tray fitted just behind the bumper, but not covering the sump?
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    S3 Undertray

    Hi guys, I'm trying to sort out an undertray for my 2002 S3, seen as the previous owner has somehow managed to lose it. Been to Teesside Audi today who quoted me £167(!!) for the undertray specific to the S3. Part number they gave me was 8L9 825 235B. Can anyone confirm that this is the...
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    2002 S3 over boost issues

    Both Audi and the garage who worked on it originally decided there wasn't a dodgy remap. I think the original garage went so far as to specifically getting some specialist to come check the ECU. As for when it happens, from memory (I havent driven the thing for 4 weeks) its pretty much every...