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    Sold Audi S4 Avant (Petrol), Low Mileage

    Car has been sold.
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    Sold Audi S4 Avant (Petrol), Low Mileage

    I forgot about a small paint chip on the edge of the front passenger door sill - photos attached. I will entertain sensible offers in excess of £28,000. The car can be available from Monday 22 March following its oil service.
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    Sold Audi S4 Avant (Petrol), Low Mileage

    @Sandra thanks for the tip. I've already made contact earlier in the week but at that time, I said the car wouldn't be available until early/mid-April. I would therefore need to contact them closer to the time as they won't quote more than 2 weeks in advance. I'll give them another shout next...
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    Sold Audi S4 Avant (Petrol), Low Mileage

    More pictures. Wheels: Exhaust Interior
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    Post your B9 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I've just put my S4 Avant up for sale in the classified section if anyone is interested.
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    Sold Audi S4 Avant (Petrol), Low Mileage

    These 2 photos show the 2 scratched areas.
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    Sold Audi S4 Avant (Petrol), Low Mileage

    As I am moving to the dark side (I'm awaiting delivery of a BMW 128ti), my excellent Audi S4 Avant (B9) is for sale. First registered on Sep 2018 (68 Plate), the car has, at the time of writing, covered just 7,794 miles. I bought it in January 2019 as an ex-demonstrator when it had 2,150 miles...
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    Chrome exhaust tips

    I keep a cloth just inside my garage and give the tips a wipe after putting my car away. Learnt that lesson from having to scrub the tips with Autosol on my previous S3.
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    Lane assist / OBDEleven B9 S-Line with pre-sense

    @monkeyhanger Do you have the URL please? Thank you.
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    A4 Orders Spreadsheet

    I have now permanently deleted the A4 Orders spreadsheet as there has been no activity for more than two weeks. Thank you to all those that provided order information and updates. I hope you all have your new cars by now or at least can see a (bright) light at the end of the tunnel :)...
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    A4 Orders Spreadsheet

    As there has been a lack of activity on the spreadsheet over the last couple of weeks, I'll be deleting it in 48 hours unless anyone particularly wants me to leave it up and running.
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    Fuel Filler cap stuck on S4

    I had the same problem on my S3. I found locking/unlocking the car a few times eventually released it - til the next time.
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Thanks for the reply. I removed my old S3 using that method last week. What I cannot do is remove the cancelled order for an A4 as there is no remove option.
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    Long delays for new orders due to WLTP emissions testing

    Done! :) Got back home earlier this afternoon after 120 mile drive from the dealer in my new (to me) S4 Avant. Weather was far too cold to put it through its paces but we are certainly pleased with it. It is certainly a step or two up from the S3. The car is dirty from the journey.