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    For Sale TMC Motorsport RS3 8V Tuning Box

    £100 posted? Even though it's probably not as widely known as other tuning box makes, it's got to be worth a punt at this price?:sm4:
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    For Sale TMC Motorsport RS3 8V Tuning Box

    This hasn't sold if anyone is interested. I sold the car 8 months ago so don't need this - will accept offers around £150 posted...item is brand new and unused.
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    TMC Motorsport RS3 8V Tuning Box

    Hi All, Im selling my TMC Motorsport tuning box on Ebay if anyone is interested. Price has been lowered to a starting bid of £225 - it has never been used. The car has been sold. Cheers
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    For Sale TMC Motorsport RS3 8V Tuning Box

    Bought 7/4/20 but never fitted, not even taken out of the packaging. BHP increase from 400 to 471 bhp and torque from 480 to 570 NM. Mobile phone App control. Paid £305 for it on offer, but will accept £275 including registered insured postage. Will also be listed on Ebay on Monday. Payment by...
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    RS3 Potential Sale

    I've just sold mine and I showed the salesman the WBAC price and he eventually matched it. Prices are surprisingly strong at the moment as there are a lot of buyers going for these type of cars as the lockdowns have made them say 'sod it, get one while you can afford it/able'..
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    Facelift What the new RS3 could look like...

    It always has been irrelevant, but that hasn't stopped the German manufacturers yet!!! Agree though that they'll find it a harder sell if they stick to the same power....:blow:
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    Facelift What the new RS3 could look like...

    Agree with the comments above - looking good as long as Audi don't take the ***** with the pricing. Would also like one or two bhp more than the A45S, just because it'll be the newer car. Hope the exhaust sound is getting some work - I read a review of the new Porsche 718 Spyder and they said...
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    CETE Valve Controller delivery times

    Here is one UK supplier I found when I was looking:
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    DAZA or DNWA 18 plate

    Engine type is on a sticky between the hinges in the door jam drivers side. Noticed it on mine when I was finally washing it yesterday - mine's a 2019.
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    Facelift What the new RS3 could look like...

    Agree, even a few bhp. First drives of the A3 suggest they've improved the handling. Hopefully with more development time they will have cracked how to make the RS3 clean but sound as good as the older ones.....
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    Subtle dashcam recommendations

    I also wanted subtle without a distracting screen so went for this. Had it hardwired and very happy with it can't see it from the drivers side.
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    CETE Valve control issues - anyone else?

    You do have a point in relation to specifying a sports exhaust and then getting a sound like its coming through a garden doubt that's why it's part of a pack.....
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    New 2020 A3 - S3 with 333BHP

    Nice thought that the new RS3 will get 444bhp but can't see it myself when the RS4 only has 450bhp (at least that's what I've read). I can see it matching the A45S or perhaps a bhp or two more (425 a decent shout?) but can't believe Audi will take it much closer to RS4 levels...although I do...
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    2019 Gpf RS3

    Thanks for the feedback DOC!
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    2019 Gpf RS3

    I know a few people have had their car remapped and this is the best way to get the power but is anyone running a tuning box on their OPF? This is the first Audi and RS that I have owned so don't know too much but would like something I can remove for services. There are so many boxes to choose...