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    Pete's OEM+ Audi A3 Black Edition 3 door 2.0 TDI 170ps

    Thanks @Shanwaz ^ :icon thumright: Very happy with the drive at the moment, it's dead eco when I'm off boost and when needed, 3rd and 4th feel very potent @ roughly 330lbft. It's not costing me anymore to run than a 1.4 Fiesta either, which is perfect when you're starting on the property...
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    Pete's OEM+ Audi A3 Black Edition 3 door 2.0 TDI 170ps

    Updates. Small and subtle, but have cost a fair whack. It's still the excellent all rounder I wanted it to be, steady on fuel, 50mpg on my 12 mile commutes consistently, 580 miles to a tank without really looking for it, bags of torque in 3rd and 4th when needed and can drop my golf clubs and...
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    My Audi S3 build

    Looks excellent, the DRL's look a treat Adam :) Intake setup looks very OEM which I like, top work.
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    OEM LED Numberplate Lights without errors 2010+

    Unlikely, a friend has run a set for over a year on his Ibiza FR, I've also got plenty of spare sets from different suppliers and different types. Halfords also do a similar set that friends in recent hot hatches have run successfully for months and months. The point was the experiment for a...
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    OEM LED Numberplate Lights without errors 2010+

    Finally finished my experiment with the results I was looking for, therefore I can confirm that; If you have - a 2009+ 8P3 facelift car (mine is an MY10 Black Edition A3), so 2009-2012 - the Kufatec LED resistor adapter in place - any LED bulbs, so it would seem (**Important to note that the...
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    Red 2006 A3 S-Line 3 door N'hampton A45

    Don't know if this car is on here but spotted you a couple of times dude, gave you the thumbs up this morn. Cars got pressed plates and what looks like S3 skirts. Car looks dead smart on a nice stance :thumbs up: Pete.
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    Jackos Bluey Mk2.. Build/progress Thread.. Pic Heavy!

    Looks excellent Jack, I think there's some very tasteful mods in there. Started with the key components too which I like to do myself, well in :encouragement: Intrigued by the LED plate lights, are these error free & reliable ones for 2009 vehicles that might have bypassed the radar? :think:
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    Coming Home & Leaving Home Lights Enabled

    Manually triggered CH lights (which you've got there) are fairly standard across most VAG models, with auto headlights and with manual headlights. You'll only need to pull the beam flash stalk towards you to activate it, day or night. The first few steps shouldn't be necessary. Most of my...
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    Black Edition Wheel paint code

    Brendan, Endless research leads me to ask which lacquer you used out of interest, a satin lacquer , matte lacquer or gloss lacquer? I've had a set of CK's refurbished with the wrong gloss lacquer which didn't give me that colour unfortunately, as good as they are in their own right. It...
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    Error Free - LED Number plate bulbs?

    OOI Has anyone tested on a 2010, 2011 or 2012 car using the Kufatec adapter with regular aftermarket LED bulbs do we know guys? Thanks.
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    Original Audi number plate LED's that fit the A3 8P - plug & play!

    Just a little update for anyone with an 8P3 or late 2009 onwards car that's debating these - I've been running the 20odd LED units for over 9 months now with no major issues. The units need a bit of maneuvering to fit completely flush, but they are an excellent product for £25 or so. These are...
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    Pete's OEM+ Audi A3 Black Edition 3 door 2.0 TDI 170ps

    I'm more or less done as of the original plan, needs a little freshening up cosmetically on the brakes. Calipers will likely be done in GTI red and the hubs in grey or black, as they look a bit dated for a 2010 car. Tracking needs aligning too, I don't think it's ever been spot on since I've...
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    RS3 grill Group Buy

    Assuming I've missed the boat on the GrpBuy, what price is a Black Surround RS3 with Chrome rings available at please? UK Delivery. Thanks :icon_thumright:
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    A3 BE Door Lower Sill Panel Part no.

    If there is a part number on it, does anyone know where so? Cheers.