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    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    My 'new' car bought a few months back. 2017 model bought with a fair few miles on the clock but got her for a good price and I needed to ditch my B7 for something ULEZ compliant. She's had a full service since purchase, all 4 new tyres and some VCDS modding. 272hp 3.0 TDi Quattro model
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    A4 Quattro 272 Sound

    Same boat. New-ish 272 owner and that engine just wants to be heard but they really nerf'd a lot to get that Euro 6. I would love to hear this thing completely straight piped.
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    Selling my tuned a4 272!

    Is it normal for V6 TDIs to have a 'V6T' badge on them? Mine doesn't and I thought that was for patrols... Anyway, GLWS!
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    Failing Emissions.

    Hey guys, So I did an MOT the other day and the tester told me the car miserably failed emissions testing, thankfully he turned a blind eye and passed the car as everything else was in order but told me to just get rid of it inside of the year which I'm not really keen on doing. What can I do...
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    Which oil should we be using?

    Okay, so I have read the oil threads here and to be honest, it just confused me more, everyone seems to think something different. My 2.0 TDI with a DPF needs an oil change and I'd like to know what exactly I should be using, most seem to say 5w40 but every website recommends 5w30/507.00, the...
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    Can you turn off egr via vcds?

    Have you removed your DPF? I've read you're bound to cake up your DPF rather quickly without an EGR.
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    FMIC, TDI same as TFSI?

    I've been offered an airtec intercooler for an A4 B7, this one to be exact, for a pretty good deal, only problem is that it's listed for the petrol models. Is there anything stopping me from putting this on a TDI? The fitting looks exactly the same, as far as I know both TDI and TFSI B7s use...
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    Intermittent Limp Mode - P0299 - Underboost

    Hey guys, just to quickly post that I got this fixed by changing the swirl flap on the inlet manifold. No more limp mode!
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    Dead AC - DIY Compressor Swap?

    Fair enough mate, didn't know this. Will ask a garage to have a look at this in which case. Sent from my Mi 9T Pro using Tapatalk
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    Dead AC - DIY Compressor Swap?

    My recently bought A4 2.0 TDI has absolutely no AC capabilities right now, the air coming out is warm, when measured around 25c! I initially thought it would be a refrigerant issue, but upon ordering everything I needed it looks like there should have been enough in there, and the system is...
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    What tool do I need for this?

    Solved! Ordered a Spline set from Amazon, will be here tomorrow. Thanks all!
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    What tool do I need for this?

    Sorry for the extremely stupid question but I wanted to clean my EGR intake valve and cannot work out the name for the tool I need for this bolt. (Bolt on the bottom right) Don't seem to have this in any of my sets! Cheers.
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    Intermittent Limp Mode - P0299 - Underboost

    Nevermind, found S03G129061C on Darkside, cheers!
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    Intermittent Limp Mode - P0299 - Underboost

    Hi, I've done a few scans and the only message that is persistent is the P0299 underboost after limp mode, the car has no fault codes before it goes into limp mode and will keep the P0299 until I clear it. Thanks! This defiantly looks like something to try, I'll get onto looking at doing this...
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    Intermittent Limp Mode - P0299 - Underboost

    Hey guys, Wanted to get some advice on my 170hp A4 Avant, BRD engine. Only owned the car a few months but I've been having an issue where the car will go into limp mode on the motorway in 5th/6th gear sometimes. I can do the same journey, on the same conditions and sometimes the car will go...