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    Strange instrument cluster fault

    Has your battery gone flat recently? Flat battery makes the fuel gauge faulty for a while. Mine fixed after a refill or two. Sorry....just re read your post.
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    I used KL30 on the radio. It is constant 12v but I was using the car daily and always charging the battery. It was fine for up to 5 days no use with a 4+ year old battery. Any longer than 7 days and it was a gamble. Now its a second car and I've taken it out as its not getting the use I once...
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    Fantasy F1 2020 anybody???

    Is there no interest this year? :cry:
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    Re map advice please

    I remapped my 1.9 awx 5 speed 130, to 175bhp using an MPPS device and a map from the blacksmoke website. It took two mins, and cost me £45. 70k miles later its still perfect. Why spend £200+ on a fancy custom map? Its only a 1.9 diesel.
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    PD130 Excessive Rocker Pressure

    So going back to the original question. Did you find out the cause?
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    Glad you sorted it mate.
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    Are you using a aftermarket bluetooth adapter? If so which one?
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    Fantasty F1 2019

    :disrelieved: We'll played Ozmosis' mongs. Congratulations.
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    Buy the adapter set with gps and aerial adapter. Gps goes behind the glove box up near the windscreen.
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    I just re read your post. You don't have RNSE so the above one won't work. I PM'ed you.
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    Air con issue

    Best have it scanned. it could direct you to exactly where the problem lies. Im sure someone on here could do it for beer money.
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    A4 1.9 tdi awx mpg

    I'll get 50-52mpg on a gentle motorway cruise (60-65mph). Your 46mpg isn't that bad.
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    I use this is mine. Tried a more expensive one and it was ****. I use this daily playing spotify via my phone. My rnse doesn't have bose, so you might have to check it compatible.
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    Subframe bush replacement

    Hi. My 1.9 A4 avant non quattro is starting to feel old and the back end is very sloppy. I replaced a lot of the bushes a few years ago and I think the subframe bushes have worn out. I've spoken with my trusted garage and they don't have any info on replacing the sub frame bushes. Would anyone...