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    A6 1.9 TDi sport 130 BH Estate 2003

    A6 1.9 TDi sport 130 BH Estate 2003 Hi, I need to replace the gearbox and been told that a VW gear box will fit as well (certain VW gearbox). Hope some can shine a light on this, Thanks Rick
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    Light issues 2011 A3 1.6

    Update, Today I had a look as my light were still intermittent failing, first I went to the Audi dealer to have it fixed but they would charge €260 to have it checked! Then I discovered one fuse was faulty not clear visible from above (30 amp) replaced and and all is working again. Should I be...
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    Light issues 2011 A3 1.6

    This morning all was fine but when I stopped the car and started again the same issues
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    Light issues 2011 A3 1.6

    Hi Nigel, Can you tell me were to find this CE module Thanks
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    Light issues 2011 A3 1.6

    Hi, My 2011 A3 suddenly has some head light, indicator and number plate issues here a list of whats working and not. Checked the bulbs and they seem to be okay same for the fuses (inside and under the hood) Maybe someone out there had some similar issues help tips are more then welcome...
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    Audio upgrade all Focal

    Hi, just an update about the Focal amp in the back seat. have it running for over a year now and no problems with over heating, must say I hardly have it full blast! Grtx Rain.
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    Nightbreaker Plus or Philips Diamond Vision Bulbs!

    Hi Guys update, Replaced the standard bulbs with the PHILIPS diamond vision 5000k March 2013, both died with in a week in Feb 2014 so they lasted 11 months :( must say always have the light on! That's it, Rain
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    Poor sound insulation?

    I did sound deadening/proofing on the 4 doors and the booth while I was installing my amps and speakers but it's still very noisy, 90% of the noise comes from the back. When I am due to replace my tyres I will pick some that will produce less road noise.
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    MK2 - RNS -E display your mobile phone screen

    Hi, Is it possible to use the screen of the mk2 rns-e to display your mobile phone screen? Grtx Rain...
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    A splash of..!

    Some test shots Grtx Rain...