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    Wireless Android Auto

    With an aftermarket dongle.
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    Coolant Question

    My recommendation is to get the silica bag removed, replace the coolant, and repeat the replacement every 3 years, along with the brake fluid.
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    Extended warranty

    The warranty part of that offer looks ok - but it's interesting that they're trying to lock you in to using the main dealer for the service work on top. Shame it's not like it used to be, and extension to the roadside assistance (around £180 for 2 years) and a separate warranty extension for...
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    Oil & inspection

    Nope, lease cars have to be done at a main dealer, so to the OP no way, it'll be whatever Audi decide it costs.
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    Diesel or not?

    For that mileage, petrol all the way. No DPF issues, no EGR issues, and kinder (slightly) to the planet.
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    A3 2.0 TFSi Engine thoughts?

    I had the same engine in an A4 Quattro Avant. MPG generally in the high 20's on my 17 mile each way commute, 70% dual carriageway, 30% town. Mine was a DSG version, and it was a bit sedaye in D, better in S but revved higher than I like - so I had a basic Celtic Tuning map to stage 1, and that...
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    Has anyone have experience with these aftermarket led headlights?

    You're right of cousre. To clarify, there is no adjustment possible, no "abroad" setting in the MMI. But you're also correct in that the beam patttern is still assymetric. It's just the the light pattern (probably because of the sharp cut-offs with LED lights) is accepatbel for driving abroad...
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    2014 S3 loss of pressure

    That’s the garages problem surely?
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    Has anyone have experience with these aftermarket led headlights?

    I have a SEAT with LED headlights. There’s no need to change anything for driving abroad (unlike in my A4 with bi-xenon) because of the beam pattern, so I’d guess they’d be ok for LHD and RHD.
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    Wheel Spacer issues?

    Different alloys have different chamfers, and you’ve bought the wrong one. Get in touch with the supplier to discuss.
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    For Sale Racingline VAG Group stud and nut conversion kit with Loctite 2422

    Stud and nut conversion kit for VAG group cars, long enough for 10mm spacers. Also included is the (rare as hens teeth, and eye-wateringly expensive) high temperature Loctite 2422. £110 posted. Untitled by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr Untitled by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr Untitled by Richard...
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    For Sale S3 8V Exhaust Tips £70 posted

    Set of unused S3 8V exhaust tips, no longer needed as the car has gone, and they won’t fit the Cupra Ateca I now have. £70 posted. Untitled by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr