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    FREE 2006 A3 lower half of rear bumper/ crash beam

    2006 A3 lower half of rear bumper/ crash beam in sliver free to collector Its the bits you remove when you fit a towbar been in my loft for a few years no longer have the car
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    Q3 Can't connect to Bluetooth in my car

    Hello I have just looked into this download as to update the software/firmware. (RMC_EU_P11474) TO (RMC_EU_K16158) To try to fix the quality of the phone call as the person receiving the call cannot hear the person in the car. (microphone has been replaced) I've been told that the software...
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    Q3 Sat nav

    I was thinking the same, But also its a shame to have the option on the screen and not be able to use it. I feel that it a lot of money when you can use waze for free on my phone.
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    Q3 Sat nav

    Looking at sat nav for the q3 A few questions ??? what price would I be looking at for the card and also would I need to go to the dealership to get it activated ?? What date of card would I need year of the car ?? or newest possible so maps are up to date ??
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    Q3 q3 phone fault

    Hello I have a q3 2013 it has a fault with the phone coming tough the car. When we make a call the person i have called cannot here me and the line is very crackly. Any Ideas ????
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    Q3 Q3 What to look for when buying

    Hello I am planning to look at a 2013 2.0 tdi s line 138bhp q3 74000miles Please can anyone tell me what common faults they suffer with at this mileage and genuinely what to look for when buying q3 Thanks for any advice you can give
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    Lower valance / spoiler / diffuser for towbar

    Hello I have a 2006 tdi a3 sport, I want to fit a towbar (detachable) so I can put a bike carrier on it. I know I have to replace the lower valance for one which has a cut out removerable panel, I can't seem to be able to find one and seem very expensive from the dealer as would still...