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Apr 9, 2020
Mar 28, 2008
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September 14

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Moderator, Male, from Dorset

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Apr 9, 2020
    1. Pie-eyedpiper
      Hi James, it's been a while since we used to converse on the other site.
      I hope all is well and what has happened to the Audi Fans site anyway, it looks deserted now.
      All the best, Al.
    2. Sally54
      Hope you can help. Trying to post a message and it asks me to put in who it's going to, I'm lost already!
      This is what I'd like to post
      Would you be able to help me please
    3. JohnboyC
      Hi James - long time no chat - had my 2.0tdi Sline a4 avant Quattro now for 18 months - looking to chop it in for a 3.0tdi a5 Sline - cannot wait !
    4. easy going Si
      easy going Si
      Hi yer Quattro james I was looking at the plastic engine covers on ebay as you do where your bored I've got the 3.0 litre ASN engine with a 2 part plastic engine cover I noticed that a full plastic engine cover was offered on the 2.4 v6 up to and around 2005 could this clip on my engine just wondered if you had any experience with these engine covers

      thanks for your help in advance Si
    5. moggie93
      Hi there, while I was searching threads for solutions to my cars problems I noticed you had offered a throttle pedal for sale. I was wondering if you still have it? The number on my pedal is 8E2721523C. thanks Kev
    6. easy going Si
      easy going Si
      Hi James. Apologies for the unsolicited msg just left a post about the awkward bolt holding the battery in on the audi a4 b6/7 the tool I brought was a Gedore No 42T long T handle product code 6353910 the allen key is 270mm long but I ordered one and cost around £11 but you buy a good tool once in your life Gedore phone number is 01756 706700 hope this helps people out
    7. audi-nutz
      Hi, just looking over some threads and came across pics of your Quattro(nice) and was wondering were about and how much your two black front grilles cost.
    8. Mike.M
      Hi James,

      You well mate.

      Just wondering if you still have the RNS-d kit?

    9. TheDriver
      Hi James. Apologies for the unsolicited msg. I was reading an old thread where you mentioned you had a pdf for the brake light switch removal/refit on a b6? You don't still happen to have it do you and would it be too much trouble to ask you to send it over to me if you get the time? Cheers. Max
    10. gtvlew
      Cheers James for the diagram of avant rear boot trim removal , made job really easy - regards Gary
    11. Audi.
      please remove all my threads!
    12. CMD
      Hi James.

      I hope all is well and the snow is not giving you to many problems. James the guy that was at AITP last year with his a4 B7(your mate) who done some vinly wraping on his car (carbon B7 Grill), and i asked if he could do my Upper and lower grill frames off my car in Satin Black Vinly.. Could you ask him if is still willing and able to do this mod for me if i send you or him the grill frames..

      I will pay for the what ever he uses and his time.

      Cheers as always

    13. CMD
      Merry Christmas James to You and your loved ones.. Enjoy
    14. garyg1
      Hello mate I asked about the omission light.dont know if I've sent this to right place as new and can't seem to work it all out
    15. CHEZ
      fair play james, but i thought that was ok
    16. mikeh126
      Hi James,
      Could you help, please?
      I have trid to upload images from both facebook and photobucket, but to no avail. The image ends up as a small square with a red X in the middle.
      It also says below the box: "You may not upload attachments".
      What do I need to do to upload images, please?
      Any help would be much appreciated.
    17. jdp1962
      James; I need a favour, was hoping you could help in your capacity as a moderator. I've posted something a bit "injudicious" on this thread, and was hoping you could remove it for me. Also, Petrol Dave quoted my post in his reply. Any chance you could remove it from there too?


    18. vr6gordy
      cool cheers
    19. vincenzo_2k
      Hi James,
      /thanks for advice, finally moved thread re warning lights and alarm problems. HAve to get fault codes identified yet.
      but you mentioned engine type? 1.9 TDi, what more info is there to give?? I'm not sure what else to say.
      Thanks for your help.
      Vin (clueless)
    20. Allroader

      My Allroad's safely locked up in the garage! Where do you park yours? Have you thought about going to the Southern meet on 20/2 in Southampton?

    21. JohnboyC
      Hi James

      Whats the front side light bulb type - I have had my 1st one ever go today :-))
      Is the Driver side front side light bulb easy to change ?


    22. a4 2.4 se
      a4 2.4 se
      sorry door panel
    23. a4 2.4 se
      a4 2.4 se
      hi james do you have pic to how to remove driverside doot panel??? thanks

    24. palfy86
      oh right nice one heard good reports of the conti's.
      its only commuting i do and hardly any motorway etc.
    25. voorhees
      Cheers James :thumbsup:
    26. 10blazin
      hi mate your estate looks nice what have you done to it got any miore pics im after selling my car and getting an estate to for the kids
    27. johnswales
      hi u hav yours remaped is it alot faster then was before like scooby quick or not coz i want mine doing but not paying loads of money for it not to be that much faster and you replyed to my noise from my engine message other day do you hav any ideas what it could be thank you.
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