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    s6 wheel fitment

    Gav, I'm not sure what the et is of the S6 to be able to tell you whether the RS4 wheels will fit. The easiest way is for you to take a look at one of your current wheels. It should be stated either on the wheel underneath the centre cap or on the back of one of the spokes. The pcd on your car...
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    Newer (2004-2005) A6 Avant

    Blueone, Having looked at a range of allroads before I bought my 2004 one the biggest difference (other than the still new smell!) was the RNS-E sat nav. It's brilliant although it is quite expensive to add some of the options e.g. bluetooth. It was only available from 2004 onwards. John
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    A6 2.5 TDI '02 Manual - Gearboxes

    Fd, I would definately check with the dealer on what spec they suggest, especially if you suspect an update to what the manual states. I always find the parts guys are the most knowledgeable and willing to help in my local dealership. Cheers, John
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    New Alloys - Audi Allroad

    Geoff, They look great. 18" wheels is definately on my list of additions to my allroad. I guess there aren't many wheels that have an et20 as standard which is why the sparcers are needed. Original RS4 B5 wheels are also et20 but hard to come by. John
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    allroad heated seats

    Arron, I agree with Simon. The cars were built to the options specified at the time of purchase. The 2000 S4 I broke didn't have the switches, loom or wiring within the Recaro's for the heated seat option. It may well have had the elements inside the seat but there was no spare cables or...
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    Arron, The early allroads had the single din Concert head unit in them or the double din Symphony. Later cars, I think 2002 onwards had the later Concert 2 or Symphony 2. The Symphony 2 was a 6 disc in dash changer as well as tape player. Cars up to late 2003 had the RNS-D sat nav system...
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    B5 S4 Tuning

    I agree with David. Although I haven't visited MRC myself everyone who has been there is full of praise. AmD went bust. Big Boys Toys and co bought the name. The premises and stock have been/are being sold by the liquidators to pay a dividend to the creditors - of which I am eagerly waiting...
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    Front subframe and suspension brace

    I'll get a picture of the upper brace over the weekend. It screws in to 2 threaded holes on each side of the inner wings. I guess the threaded holes would be on all model bodyshells and it is just the brace that was different for the S4's and 2.5 diesel. John
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    Front subframe and suspension brace

    With all this talk of the front suspension and brace recently it has reminded me of the parts I have left over from stripping my 18K mile 2000 S4 avant. I have the complete front subframe and brace. Does anyone know if this the same as all the other A4 models or did the S4 one differ? I image...
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    LCD screen knackered on S4

    That doesn't seem too bad. I got quoted £394 + VAT = £462.95. Welcome to the world of expensive cars. John
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    LCD screen knackered on S4

    The general consensous is, No. The later cars with the digital clock ran CAN bus which makes the clocks non compatible with the older wiring. John
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    S4 parts

    Just thought I'd let people here know I have just added some of my 2000 S4 parts in the classifieds. In case anyone is looking for genuine polished ally mirrors, carbon fibre interior trim or a cheap symphony unit, take a look. Cheers, John
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    2.5 TDI pushes 232g CO2 correct or DVLA problem

    The auto/tiptronic cars are always worse than the manuals for cinsumption. The latest A4 with the 2.0 turbo engine is pushed in to the top tax band (£300 a year!) if it has the tiptronic box but stays in the band below with the manual. John
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    Whats gonna be your next motor after your B5 A4?

    Looking for an A6 to replace the S4 once it goes. Driven both but still not sure whether to go for the 2.7twin turbo engine (same as the b5 S4) or the 2.5tdi. Both quattro of course. John
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    Bose speaker set up

    I have just put up for sale in the classifieds ICE section my full bose speaker set up including the sub box with amplifier. It is for a B5 avant. I am just letting people know because I also have the full wiring loom from the car I broke so can help with any wiring or connectors that may be...