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    3rd brake light - LED's stopped working

    I do see a lot of Audis on the road with this issue. More than any other brand I feel. The last gen TT is a car you see this issue regularly on. Good posts to confirm how to fix this :wrench:
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    8v air con performance

    Mine works super quick. Only commented yesterday how my S3 air con gets super cold with a minute compared to my hybrid GTE which takes a good 3 minutes to get fridge cold.
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    New series of Topgear.

    Was it me or was the editing and cinematography a bit sub standard in comparison to "old" Top Gear? Watched some "old" episodes from the very last Clarkson/Hammond/May series stored on my Sky box and it does appear so. The Extra Gear episode with Chris Harris was promising though.....
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    Small scratch

    Respray for that damage is like cutting off a finger because of a broken finger nail..... Lots of articles on detailing world but you will also hear about Chipex...
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    Auto Stop Slow Speed Crash?

    Have it on my Golf GTE. Its a great feature in respect of the ACC. Wouldn't have a car without it now for motorway driving. The auto braking (pre sense) feature is good but you can not rely on it. It's very good if someone decides to make a late turn or cuts in front of you and gets close to...
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    Bristol - new car detail

    Found Nick at DMC a waste of time..... Promised me a booking repeatedly and then went back on the dates promised. Would take weeks to reply to emails also. Sure his work is great, but sounds like he is a victim of his own success. Too busy.
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    Hot hatch mega test

    Owned a 3 series with sport ZF and did 83,000 miles in it. Use a gear box over that many miles you know by the end if it was brilliant or just OK. Where the RS3 gear box is "slow" is on paddle downshifts and that would become apparent on a track. The ZF box is better in that aspect but on up...
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    Hot hatch mega test

    The same ZF box that is so good BMW put it in all their M cars? You must have been driving a broken RS3 to think that the ZF box is faster on up changes. Even I am going to stick up for the RS3 on that one lol
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    Hot hatch mega test

    When I bought Mrs Pulp a Renault ZOE, for giggles when i was at the dealer I got a quote on a Megane RS Sport Nav with a few options. Think it was just under £29k. Think the GFV I was quoted was £13k which meant with a similar deposit to my S3 it was the same on the monthlies. It's a great car...
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    Has the new TTRS really got 395 BHP?

    Audi have shown their hand first...... A45 AMG "S" is in the pipeline. 400 bhp plus to trump the revised 2.5l from Audi. This German power war is going to get very interesting :sunglasses:
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    Has the new TTRS really got 395 BHP? 395 bhp. Most car sites are quoting that. So glad I waited and wasn't impatient to order a pre-FL RS3. I'd be absolutely gutted as I am sure some current RS3 owners will be...
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    S3 rear hub rust

    Audi will fix them if you are persistent. My 2012 A1 had rusty hubs and calipers and after complaining once to the dealer (who said it was cosmetic) and then to Audi UK during a service questionnaire, it got fixed. The dealer had an OEM paint but it was black rather than silver. If they make...
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    S3 Servicing?

    Service light came on after 18 months and 2,700 miles. £165 and for the price they also destroyed my alloy with the service ramp arms. It then took them 4 months to order a replacement. Usual amazing Audi service....
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    2016 8V A3/S3 Facelift Rumours

    We should be glad the facelift will be just a nip and tuck with some extra tech. Many (including myself) had fingers seriously burnt when VW skipped a Mk5 facelift, made massive changes and launched it as the MK6.
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    2016 8V A3/S3 Facelift Rumours

    Why would the RS3 not get changed this year with the rest of the model? The last RS cars recently updated (RS6, RS7, RSQ3) all got the FL treatment the same time. Am I missing something as to why the RS3 might be different?